Springtime Secrets

Four local naturalists share their favorite places to savor the arrival of spring.

Spring comes slowly to Cape Cod. Still, we know our surroundings are changing, waking up, and bursting with new life and activity.
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Natural Beauty

Get a healthy springtime glow with cape and islands skincare products.

You’ve seen the names: Sea buckthorn, rosehips, olive oil, quince. Botanical ingredients—flowers, herbs, oils, and other plant-derived essences—are captivating skincare clients with their natural properties, uncomplicated scents, and bottles without long lists of unpronounceable chemicals. Read more…

A Fresh Angle

With freshly stocked kettle ponds all across the Cape, there’s no time like the present to cast a line and get the first bite of the season.

The Cape’s waters are famous for saltwater fishing, from fighting ferocious blues in the surf to landing lunker stripers into the boat. But tucked behind curtains of pine trees in the Cape’s interior are waters that are equally rewarding for fishermen, although these quiet, often unknown places offer very different fishing from the open ocean. Read more…

Holiday Sparkle

Make your holiday decor in your home an unexpected delight all season long.

An upside down Christmas tree festooned with glimmering white ornaments like a chandelier. A branch sweeping diagonally across a window, wrapped in ribbon, decorated with flowers and shimmering glass. A collection of deep-red goblets, each filled with a golden apple or pear. At Casabella Home Furnishings in Sandwich, you will always find unexpected creativity, especially during the holiday season. Read more…

Nantucket for the Holidays

From the first of November until New Year's Day, Nantucket lights up with fun, revelry, and good cheer.

As temperatures plummet and the countdown until the holiday season begins, Nantucket prepares for a festive season. Islanders blend the old with the new this year, mixing tradition with creativity. In addition to the eagerly anticipated Christmas Stroll and the Nantucket Historical Association’s Festivals of Wreaths and Trees, the island has a special surprise in store this year: the first community-wide Nantucket New Year’s celebration. Islanders invite you to be a part of their holiday season, from the first of November, until the last horn blows on New Year’s Day. Read more…

By Plane, By Ferry, By Sleigh

More than 10,000 people flock to Nantucket for the three-day-long 39th Annual Christmas Stroll, the highlight of Nantucket Noel, a month-long celebration of the holiday season hosted by the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce. The festivities begin the day after Thanksgiving with the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, but the stroll, which begins on Friday, November 30, is the main event.

By Plane, By Ferry, By Sleigh

Elaborately decorated Christmas trees and storefronts illuminate the cobblestone street, while carolers enchant all within earshot. Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive on Saturday to everyone’s delight via a coast guard vessel.  “It’s all very Charles Dickens-y,” said Jean Cawley of the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce. New this year is the Nantucket Sleighride, a bus service that brings pedestrians to must-see destinations outside the town center, including Bartlett Farms and Arrowhead Nursery. Call the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce at (508) 228-3643 or visit for more information.

A Cold Sweat

In the winter, believe it or not, some folks stay outdoors while the rest crawl back inside. There’s the surfer who paddles through ice cream headaches to ride empty waves. The runner who primes her lungs for the Boston Marathon while ice thaws under her feet. The fisherman who finds massive fish in frozen ponds. Sure, they wear thicker layers and more of them, but to these three Cape Codders, cold is just a four-letter word.

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Fall into Place

Fall is the Perfect Season for exploring Cape Cod...

Fall into Place

With warm weather and a fraction of the crowds, fall is the perfect season to explore  Cape Cod. In this edition of our annual autumn activities round-up, we’ve compiled weekend itineraries outlining some of the best celebrations from the Upper Cape out to the Islands as well as must-do diversions to enjoy during your trip. We’ve also gathered insights from experts to make your experiences as rich as possible, like the physical characteristics of bird species making a southerly migration through the region to the flavors that distinguish one variety of oysters from the next.After another bustling summer, the off-season is here. Savor it! Read more…

In the Red

The bright red sea of berries seen during the annual flooding of cranberry bogs has become a quintessential delight during Cape Cod autumns. Native to Cape Cod, cranberries were first used as a source of food by the Native Americans, and later, the Pilgrims. The growth of the cranberry industry on the Cape started in the early 1800s, when cranberries were either hand-picked or collected with hand-held scoops. This process continued until the mid-1900s when a walk-behind mechanical dry harvester became a popular—and time-saving—substitute. For information on all things cranberry, go to the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association’s website at

In The Red

—Fiona O’Connor

Birds of a Feather

In the autumn, Cape Cod is a birdwatcher's paradise.

Last September, Mike O’Connor’s endless curiosity about the bird world and hunger for surprise sent him to Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable, a birding locale that rarely disappoints. What winged creatures on this fall day would be making their way along the long stretch of sand as they eventually head further south, like so many (human) snowbirds? Read more…

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