2.0 (Beetlecat)

  • Redesigned search logic
    • Search sorts by relevance instead of by date
    • Search highlights search terms and adjust excerpt to include search term.


  • Redesigned Cape Cod Life Support documentation
  • Added Cape Cod Life Video Channel


  • Users can now log in with their Email Address (and username).
  • Updated Advertiser Settings modules
  • Resolved duplicate permalinks for LIFE and HOME stories


  • Added Javascript calendars when submitting events
  • Recompiled subscriber settings into “Profile Settings” and “Digital Subscription Settings”

1.0 (Quahog)

  • Introduction of Premium Accounts
  • New icons to flag free content
  • Extension of digital rights and services in the Privacy Policy


  • Added FTP Tutorial to Support section


  • Upcoming events now include town names
  • Added Twitter feed to home page, below menu
  • Issues now display with cover icons
  • Added Google Maps to the page for each event
  • Issues icons display on Magazines Menu

Best of Cape Cod & the Islands – Official Ballot

2.0 (2012 Ballot)

  • New visual theme and interface layout, incorporating elements from the June 2011 issue of Cape Cod LIFE
  • New page layouts for tablet and smart phone devices
  • Added Facebook & Twitter connectivity
  • Added “Reader Survey” question group to gather anonymous reader data
  • Double opt-in email process has been replaced with a simpler email sign-up (no more lost emails in SPAM boxes)
  • Autocompletion re-worked  to gather data from Google Places database
    • Autocompletion now sorts suggestions based on semantic relevance (instead of alphabetically)
    • Autocompletion only returns suggestions when the query count is less than 10 (keeps the “A”s from showing up all the time)
  • Users may no longer save and return to their ballot (reduces incomplete ballots)

1.0 (2011 Ballot)

  • New survey technology allowing for complex data analysis
  • Implemented autocompletion using a local establishment database
  • Ballot is now accessible from an easier URL (
  • Added printable and PDF versions of each question group or entire ballot

Versioning Policy

Versions consist of a three digit number in the form of major.minor.maintenance, e.g. 6.0.2 (major version 6, minor version 0, maintenance version 2.)

A change in the third digit (e.g, 6.0.2 to 6.0.3) is a maintenance update (patch.) This means that:

  • Each maintenance update provides higher security / reliability.
  • No new features are included (although the first few maintenance releases can contain some changes to existing features based on the feedback received).

A change to the second digit (e.g., 6.0 to 6.1) is a minor release. This means that:

  • This will include new features plus bug fixes from prior releases.

A change in the first digit (e.g., 6.x to 7.x) is a major release. This means that:

  • This will include major changes in functionality or add high-demand functionality
  • This may include architectural changes, changes to API’s (as part of deprecation process) and may change internal schema.