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The world is their alphabet

Husband-and-wife team finds and photographs ‘Letters from the Cape’
A different perspective on the world can yield beautiful results, as Jan and Chris Capece know well. From subtle shapes made by ropes on a dock to patterns in the sand, nature’s nuanced aesthetic provides the Capeces endless inspiration for their art, Letters from the Cape.
The couple, who have a home in…

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She Made a Smooth Transition

Mid-career change was key for the owner of The Chatham Fiddle Company.

While not everyone can turn a passion into a life’s work, Rose Clancy has turned her love of violins and Irish music into a thriving business in downtown Chatham. “My life would be completely different without music,” Clancy says.
Before launching the Chatham Fiddle Company in 2011, Clancy had a successful career…

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Miniaturist wins big award for her tiny, Cape Cod style creation

My name is Orsi Skultéti. I am a Hungarian-born miniaturist who specializes in food sculpture and metalwork, but I also build houses and roomboxes. In 2011 my sister, a friend, and I visited Massachusetts to see Old Sturbridge Village and Boston, and we decided to take a ferry to Provincetown. Over the years I had read a lot about Cape…

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In memoriam: remembering Royston Nash, Sue Carstensen, Nancy Ellen Craig, and Sally Nerber

Royston Nash

A longtime conductor of the Cape Cod Symphony, Royston Nash passed away on April 4. He was 82. Nash, who grew up in Bournemouth, England, conducted the orchestra for 27 years, from 1980 until he retired in 2007.

According to Jung-Ho Pak, the symphony’s current conductor, the standard of excellence and respect that Nash set during his time with the…

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More space to smile

With its expansion complete, the Cahoon Museum of American Art unveils new ‘Martha & Ralph’ exhibit

The Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning quarterback debate was decided—decisively—when cornerback Malcolm Butler’s interception secured the New England Patriots’ fourth Super Bowl championship in February of 2015. But other debates will ring eternal: Hot dogs or hamburgers? Coke or Pepsi? Coffee or tea? Dogs or cats?…

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The grateful eight!

These emerging local artists are young, inspired, and appreciative of those from whom they have learned

When someone has it—whatever rare talent or gift “it” may serve to represent—it is undeniable. Oftentimes, it’s unexplainable, too. Many others want it, while others hope the “it” in question is simply not squandered.
In conducting interviews for this article on eight emerging artists who live or…

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A few pointers from the pros

Four local companies have a lot of experience with weathervanes

A weathervane can say a great deal about its owners. From displaying one’s love of the sea with a sailboat, a fondness for nature with a flower, or a little whimsy with a unicorn, these functional works of art offer a personalized focal point to any home, business, or other building…

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Creature Comforts

Geoff Semonian has carved a career out of whales, eagles, and other wooden creations

There is a saying that the most important ingredient in any great recipe, product or other creation is love. Cape Cod woodcarver Geoff Semonian seems to embody that philosophy. In an age when so many home furnishings are mass-produced, Semonian takes great pride—and a good deal of time…

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