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We are always learning

Cape organizations offer a diverse palette of enrichment courses for students of all ages.

September has arrived, bringing with it cooler air, quieter streets, and a return to routine. For many, this particular month signals a fresh start, a sentiment that may harken back to younger years when Labor Day marked the end of summer and the beginning of a new school…

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Hit the ground running!

Presenting 8 great reasons to run on the Cape and Islands
There are many types of runners: weekend warriors, marathon milers, casual joggers, and lightning-fast sprinters, to name a few. Running is an activity one can take on as an individual or in a group, and along the winding roads of Cape Cod or on the treadmill at the gym. This…

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Catch the wind, commune with nature

Cape Cod enthusiasts say sailing nurtures the mind, body, and soul
Cape Cod is a boater’s paradise. With its charming harbors and inlets, the strong breezes of Buzzards Bay, and miles of shoreline to explore, this area has long sounded a siren’s call for sailors and yachtsmen.
Whether as a competitive sport or a leisure activity, sailing is an endeavor that many…

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There’s a new game in town!

Offering exercise, camaraderie, and a lot of fun, pickleball is getting pretty popular on Cape Cod!

While vacationing in Florida recently, Bourne resident Ric Collamore fell hard and fast; the attraction was strong and immediate. His heart was pumping, his feet were moving—and his life would never be the same. What was the object of his affection? Pickleball!
“I became addicted to the…

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Get out there, hit the road and explore!

Enjoy some fresh air and exercise on a scenic Cape and Islands day trip

Day trips can arise spontaneously or are planned—and anticipated—weeks in advance; both scenarios offer opportunities to de-stress, disconnect and spend time outdoors. Naturally, Cape Cod and the Islands are perfect destinations for fun and fulfilling daytrips.

“Whether main streets or back roads are your preference, the Cape offers…

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