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2016 BRICC Awards • Cape Associates

Five-time award winner
Cape Associates is a third-generation, full-service custom building and remodeling company serving the Cape and Islands as well as the Plymouth area. In addition to receiving honors for the following three projects at the 2016 BRICC Awards, two members of the firm were also recognized: Phil Pagani for Next Gen Shooting Star, and Allen Furman for Outstanding Project…

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A simple man, an extraordinary talent

Harwich’s A. Elmer Crowell—the father of decorative bird carving

In 1874, a son of a Harwich cranberry farmer receives a gift of his first 12-gauge shotgun. He’s 12 years old, but this is a different era for fish and game hunting, when it would not have been uncommon for a Cape Cod farm boy to hunt waterfowl in his spare time.…

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Cape Cod is “Coyote country”

Once foreign to the area, this wildly resourceful animal can now be found across the peninsula

Amy Blake moved to Cape Cod from a small town in Ohio in the summer of 2005, renting a cottage beside scenic marshlands in West Barnstable. One evening she heard an unfamiliar sound coming from the yard: wild animals were howling in the darkness. “I…

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Cape Cod HOME celebrates 20 years

From 1996-2016

In 2016, Cape Cod HOME achieves 20 great years as the Cape and Islands foremost shelter magazine! Looking back, we see decades of inspirational stories and gorgeous photography that have shone an unwavering spotlight on the beauty, diversity, and famous charm of the homes and gardens—and those who design, build, and furnish those spaces—on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and…

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New, Tried, and True

Kitchen designs for 2016 are an intriguing blend of classic styles and out-of-the-box contemporary ideas.

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and to interior designer Audrey Greenway that statement is true now more than ever.
“There’s a lot more thought that goes into designing kitchens [now],” says Greenway, owner of Audrey’s Interiors in Harwich. “It’s not…

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Lyrical Island Treasures

A Nantucket scrimshaw artist hand-crafts collectible Christmas ornaments.

For those unfamiliar with the craft, the art of etching or carving designs into whale’s teeth (ivory) or bone is known as scrimshaw, and those who practice this art are called scrimshaw artists or scrimshanders. According to tradition, the term ‘scrimshaw’ originated as an English or Dutch slang word used on whaling ships…

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A True Cape Colony

Highfield Hall’s House and Garden Tour celebrates the genuine Cape resort of East Falmouth’s Menauhant.

When it was conceived in the 1870s, the plan for the summer colony of Menauhant called for 700 small lots. Among Cape Cod’s earliest resort enclaves, located in East Falmouth and bordering Bournes Pond and Vineyard Sound, Menauhant soon lured Bostonians—as well as New Yorkers, Rhode…

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Woven In Time

After decades of honing her craft, Michigan resident Kathleen Myers finds her place among the master lightship basket weavers of Nantucket.

A craft that started at sea off the coast of Nantucket over a 150 years ago is carried on today by only a handful of master craftsmen. One of the remaining weavers, Kathleen Myers, has recently given the venerable Nantucket…

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Cotuit shop sells antiques, vegetables, and much more

A Cotuit couple’s shop is a celebration of their many passions.

“Being involved in the basics is not a bad thing,” declares Anne Barrett. She would know. Anne and her husband Joe Barrett own Etc., a colorful craft, fresh-grown produce, and antique shop on Route 28 in Cotuit.  “You know how to do all of this stuff,” Anne says. “You know…

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