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Looking for a Change of Pace? Start Paddling!

Local business owners discuss kayaking, paddle boarding and more

Whether drifting softly along a creek letting the wind move the kayak along, or standing on a board and paddling against the current for a solid core workout, water activities are a must-do or at least a must try— especially for those who live on the coast. Because the basics of kayaking…

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Following their own Flight Plan

Local women pilots share their love for aviation

Amelia Earhart’s disappearance in 1937 remains one of America’s greatest mysteries. Nearly 80 years later, investigations into her final whereabouts continue; for example, earlier this year, The Travel Channel organized a televised—and ultimately unsuccessful—expedition with the goal of recovering the aviator’s remains. The nation’s most famous female pilot and ambassador of women’s aviation…

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Marquee Attractions

A preview of the 2015 Provincetown, Nantucket, and Woods Hole film festivals

Cape Cod and the Islands are known around the world for their gorgeous beaches, pristine natural settings, fresh and flavorful seafood, and a laidback vibe that keeps vacationers coming back year after year. In the past two decades, the region has also become a mecca for visitors who enjoy…

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There are so many reasons to celebrate!

The Cape & Islands offer an endless variety of wedding venues, vacation options, and fun-filled daytrips

Setting out to cover “great wedding venues” on the Cape and Islands is akin to scanning through all of the local history materials in the Sturgis Public Library; browsing in all of the shops, boutiques, and places to eat along Hyannis’s Main Street; or counting…

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Setting new goals—and stretching her muscles

A chatham woman expounds on a newfound passion—yoga

According to many who practice yoga, the benefits go well beyond increasing flexibility and tightening one’s core. From improving balance—both physically and philosophically—to reducing stress and bringing more peace and harmony into one’s life, many view practicing yoga regularly as synonymous with healthy living.
Chatham resident, Laurie Dickey, took up yoga nearly two years ago…

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It’s summertime—and the reading’s easy

Details and descriptions of seven great “Beach Reads” with Cape and Islands connections

Imagine this scene: toes in the sand, the sun shining overhead, ocean sounds bubbling before you, and a brand-new book in your lap—waiting to be read. For many, this is a recipe for a great summer day on the Cape and Islands. For various reasons, “summer” and “reading”…

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Things my dad taught me while fishing

A Provincetown native reflects on life lessons learned on the pond
Spring is a time of renewal, and each year it is a time when I remember my dad, Joe Dirsa, and the times I had with him, and all he taught me about fishing—and life. Dad grew up during the Depression and joined the Navy when he was 17. He…

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First Nantucket, then the world!

Director to bring his new film on a tour of Cape Cod, the Islands, and beyond this summer

A writer, director, and film studies professor from Vermont, Jay Craven has strong ties to both Cape Cod and the Islands. As a high school student in the late 1960s, Craven spent a few summers working as an employee at Surf City Cape…

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There are many great ways to exercise — at any age

Cape Cod Seniors are involved in a variety of sports and activities

THE CAPE AND ISLANDS OFFER SEEMINGLY ENDLESS opportunities and venues for people young and old to exercise, get some fresh air, and get or stay in shape. In this article, a handful of Cape Cod seniors talk about the sports and exercise activities they enjoy, and what drives them…

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Driving Forces

Upcoming golf tournaments to raise funds for Cape and Islands charities

Summer on Cape Cod! What more could one ask for than blue skies, quality time with friends and family, and—for the golf enthusiast—a round or two at one of the many spectacular courses on the Cape and Islands. How about the fact that many charity golf tournaments to be held…

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