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Traditional stories, fresh perspectives: Presenting Cape Cod LIFE’s 2017 student art contest

The goal of Cape Cod LIFE’s annual high school art contest is to inspire students’ interest in local history as we ask them to illustrate six articles covering historical topics from around the Cape and Islands. The articles—and some of the students’ entries—are featured in the Annual Guide issue you are currently holding.
What we have learned in the three years…

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An Audience with the Emperor

Recalling Hirohito’s 1975 visit to Woods Hole

What would compel the Emperor of Japan, visiting the United States to shore up post-war relations between the two countries, to include a side trip to Woods Hole? Pretty much the same thing that brings visitors from all over the world to Woods Hole: science.
During a two-week trip to the U.S. in 1975 with…

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