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May we always have general stores

My first trip to Cape Cod was in 1955 just after finishing second grade, for the second time, in Elmira, New York. My father’s family is from Elmira, and for a few years he and my mother had been talking about this place called Cape Cod.
Within walking distance of Craigville Beach, we rented a Victorian, three-story cottage looking out on…

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This holiday party never ends!

Monty’s of Provincetown sparkles with dazzling Christmas ornaments, Yuletide nostalgia, and holiday cheer all throughout the year

He grew up poor in a housing project. His father died when he was young, and his mother worked in a factory. He was one of six children at home, and sometimes there wasn’t enough food to go around. Despite the challenges his family faced,…

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Presidential visits to Cape Cod and the Islands

From Grant to Obama, Presidents have been traveling to the region since the 1870s

When the President of the United States goes on vacation, it’s big news. This past summer President Barack Obama put Martha’s Vineyard in the national spotlight once again when he and his family arrived for their seventh summer getaway on the island. But Obama is hardly the…

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Rise and shine, it’s game time!

The Dennis Women’s Flag Football League offers competition, camaraderie, and some early morning exercise on the gridiron

When watching members of the Dennis Women’s Flag Football League (DWFFL) in action, the classic Irving Berlin song “Anything You Can Do [I Can Do Better]” immediately comes to mind. “When I was growing up, women could ‘only’ play soccer, softball, or field hockey,”…

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