Air Jordan 6

Air Jordan 6 is Nike Air Jordan 6 series generation of basketball shoes, Jordan wins the NBA championship for the first time also wears basketball shoes. Tongue centra ofAir Jordan 6 has a very bright beautiful Jumpman Logo, coupled with the innovation of the shoes shape, Air Jordan 6 appears very exquisite. Air Jordan 6 also continued the Air Jordan 5 plastic shoelace strainer design, want to know this design is very popular at the time, is almost that time most people measure the "ruler" of sports shoes is good or bad. Tiner will Air Jordan5 used plastic shoelace strainer design was improved, making it more compact, you can easily fasten shoelaces, and also has played a very good adornment effect.

Air Jordan 9

With designer Tinker Hartfield's words, that is the beginning of the Michael Jordan to conquer the world. Although Jordan had just retired from basketball court, began his childhood dream of a professional baseball career. Although he seems to have no longer beyond the original Olympic Games on the scene, but it can hamper Jordan in 1994, became a global icon, his own business income and legendary status are pushed to a new level. The artist mark Smith's help, Air Jordan 9 to Jordan to the world, also with the emergence of Jordan, and basketball has become a global movement.

air jordan 11

Air Jordan 11 is the indelible classics of SNEAKER history. It was on sale in 1996, Jordan has been at the public expressed his love for 11 generations more times. Tinker, 11 of the time and in the design are not sure whether will be wearing this pair of air Jordan basketball shoes, it was Michael Jordan left the NBA, sad years struggling with baseball league, 9 generations has just become the air through the alternative in the basketball court, Michael Jordan I don't like 10 generations, even if in the later return, still failed to become part of his shoes. But, when the outside world to frequent questions about Tinker, Jordan suddenly announced to the world, "I 'm back!" It's March 18, 1995, the world because the return of the air and boiling. Hero of the day wearing a jersey (# 45) was returned to the familiar stage. About Link: Air Jordan 6 air jordan 9 Christian Louboutin uk sales nhl jerseys cheap
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