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A Garden Wedding

wedding shoes

A bouquet of white and blush colored roses pairs well with the champagne tones of the bride’s accessories. Photo by Stacey Hedman

Here’s the good news: all of those green plants make a great background for photos of the wedding party. More good news: adding flowers for the big day is relatively easy. From April through October, most garden centers stock large pots of flowering annuals. These can be planted in the ground where it’s easy to dig holes and plop the plants in.

wedding cake

Flowers cascading down the wedding cake tie in the nature theme. Photo by Stacey Hedman

If the containers are attractive, another option is to leave the flowers in their pots. Or consider a halfway approach. Dig a hole around three inches deep and place the pot in that shallow cavity. Push the dirt around the pot which will prevent the container from blowing over and hide the bottom of the pot.

Creative solutions It happens: two weeks before a big event the small tree that has been a focal point next to the driveway suddenly turns brown and sheds all its leaves. Maybe you’re at the end of a long dry spell, the tree was attacked by a fungus, or some well-meaning person over fertilized. Perhaps a passing hurricane blew all leaves from the plant.

Diagnosing the cause is almost beside the point. A plant has either been disfigured or died and you need to decide what to do about it. There are a couple of quick fixes for situations like this. The first involves speedy removal and the second uses the old lemons into lemonade strategy.

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