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A Garden Wedding

flower dog

An outdoor ceremony contributes to the comfortable, natural wedding vibe. Photo by C. L. Fornari

If the plant that suddenly departed for plant heaven isn’t very large, the best solution might be to cut it down and have it hauled away. Be sure that any stump or stem is cut right to ground level. This makes it easier to hide and prevents any remnants from becoming tripping hazards.

On the other hand, when a large tree suddenly dies there may not be time to cut it down—especially because doing so can disrupt the landscaping around the dead plant. It’s almost better to leave a dead tree in place than to have the lawn strewn with fresh tire ruts and sawdust on the day of the wedding. Besides, dead trees can be decorated and made into a garden asset.

Paint a smaller tree bright blue, wind a larger one with strings of white fairy lights. Hang large, white paper lanterns on the branches or display origami birds, paper flowers, ribbons, banners, or other ornaments appropriate to the season or wedding theme. Treat dead trees as if they are structures for your décor, not deceased plants.

Although a deceased tree can be turned into something decorative, dead shrubs or lifeless smaller plants should probably be removed. If there isn’t time, don’t worry about digging the plant completely out of the soil. Cut it down to ground level and throw it away.

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