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Fresh Past

Designer Michael Ferzoco of Eleven Interiors breathes new life into a Truro antique.

Michael Ferzoco Eleven Interiors

The exterior of this 1840 Truro house may look historic, but the updated interior gives the home a more modern touch. Photo by Eric Roth

It’s not often one comes across an early Cape Cod period house in close to its original state—floors, windows, and moldings still intact. Tucked away on a quiet lane in Truro is a diamond in the rough—a 1790 structure with good bones and authentic Colonial charm reflected in several early architectural details. The house has an interesting past, typical of many Cape Cod homes, which often have structural additions from one period or another, reflecting differing needs of families through the centuries.

Michael Ferzoco Eleven Interiors

In true Cape Cod fashion, a vase of Hydrangeas adds decoration to the dining table. Photo by Eric Roth

In this case, a circa 1840 house was floated down the Pamet River and added to the original 1790 structure. Despite its patchwork provenance, Scott Slater, a lover of antiquity as well as Cape Cod, purchased the L-shaped house without hesitation. He soon contacted Michael Ferzoco owner of Boston’s Eleven Interiors to renovate the spaces for 21st-century living without harming the home’s historical integrity. A master at reconfiguring interiors to maximize light with savvy design elements, Ferzoco began re-imagining the spaces.

“Scott was a wonderful client,” says Ferzoco. “He wanted to honor the age and antiquity of the house while enhancing it to its fullest potential.” Scott spent a summer living in the house to understand the rhythm of the spaces—what worked with his lifestyle, and what did not. After the season, he decided against changing the historic envelope of the house, choosing to work inside the existing footprint. Ferzoco began to create a design that honored the past without hampering comfortable contemporary living.

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