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He Was The Cape’s Most Eligible Bachelor

The Bachelorette, Dennis native Chris Lambton

Lambton takes a big swing while playing some pick up baseball. Photo by Stacey Hedman

Lambton spent ten weeks filming the show as one of an original group of 25 men who were vying for the affection of the bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky. In each episode, Fedotowsky would give a rose to every guy who had a chance of continuing during a climactic Rose Ceremony; those who didn’t receive one were eliminated and sent home. The show took Lambton on trips from L.A. to N.Y.C., and to exotic locations like Iceland, Turkey, Portugal, Tahiti, and Bora Bora, where he and the other contestants went on scripted “dates” with Ali in the hopes of winning her.

Adjusting to this new life on camera was definitely strange for Lambton. “It’s bizarre,” he says. “I’ve been spending my life without cameras around, and all of a sudden there are cameras on you 24-seven, and big ones too, not little sneaky ones.”

The Bachelorette, Dennis native Chris Lambton

Lambton has succeeded in finding love after his Bachelorette days, pictured here with his fiance. Photo by Stacey Hedman

When Lambton went on dates, he had a microphone on, and there was almost always an intrusive boom mike hanging right in between him and Fedotowsky. “It’s definitely a little awkward,” he says, “but after a little while you kinda get used to it . . . I don’t know if it’s good or bad to say that it became normal, but it did.”

Lambton has none of the familiar complaints about unfair editing that other reality stars have. He thinks that he was portrayed accurately. His brother Erik agrees, saying, “Chris is a really friendly, outgoing guy and he came across that way.”

The Cape Cod guy made it through the competition right up until the very end, having become perhaps the most popular cast member along the way. In a heartbreaking scene, Ali Fedotowsky broke things off with Lambton during their final date, sparing him the pain of attending a last Rose Ceremony, since she had already chosen the only other remaining contestant, Roberto Martinez.

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