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He Was The Cape’s Most Eligible Bachelor

The Bachelorette, Dennis native Chris Lambton

Between his two brothers, Lambton feels at home in the Cape despite traveling the world on the television show. Photo by Stacey Hedman

Looking back, Lambton now sees his relationship with Fedotowsky as a “good friendship,” one that would have developed the same way had it happened off-camera. He says, “I think on-camera and off-camera, our relationship would have been kind of the same . . . We would have been like really good friends who hung out a lot, more than boyfriend-girlfriend.”

For all of the fame that the reality show brought him, Lambton still prefers his laid-back Cape Cod lifestyle. “My brother and I work for ourselves,” he says. “In the summer, if it’s a really nice day and it’s a Tuesday, we’re like ‘Hey, wanna quit at one and go to the beach?’” Lambton says. “We like to enjoy the beautiful weather in the summer. Most people who grew up here or stay here have that mentality.”

In addition to working with Erik, he also spends a lot of time with his other brother Mark, who works at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and with his dad, Ed. Every Sunday, the family congregates for dinner, and everyone brings an appetizer, dinner, or dessert. “It’s an old-school tradition that not enough families do together,” he says. Lambton also has a close-knit group of friends here. And of course, he loves hanging out with his beach-loving dog, a black lab named Jetty.

As Cape Cod Life prepared to go to press, we learned some big news: the Cape’s most eligible bacehlor won’t be a bachelor for much longer! In June, Lambton proposed to his girlfriend Peyton Wright, a former cast member on The Bachelor. It looks like appearing on The Bachelorette did lead him to true love after all.

With all the fervent admirers and the perks that fame provides, Chris Lambton never loses touch with his roots. He is content to settle into life on the Cape with his lovely wife-to-be. As Lambton says, “Born a Cape Codder, always a Cape Codder.”

Lindsay Oliver is a freelance writer and a former intern at Cape Cod Life Publications.

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