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Ingrained in Cape Cod

A new line of locally handcrafted furniture shines at West Barnstable’s Pastiche.

West Barnstable’s Pastiche

This wood bench puts the creative mind of MacPhee and the craftsmanship of Deslauriers on full display. Photo by Stacey Hedman

Some things beg to be touched: cashmere sweaters, wool blankets, fluffed towels just out of the dryer, glistening new cars, dogs. If you find yourself in West Barnstable, stop by Pastiche of Cape Cod to experience a small feast for the senses. Owner Irina MacPhee has recently debuted a line of wooden furniture that is hard to pass by without touching. Titled The Cape Cod Collection™ and found exclusively at Pastiche or through designers, these beautifully crafted pieces evoke a sense of history, craftsmanship, and cozy farmhouse kitchens, as your hand trails the contours of each one.

West Barnstable’s Pastiche

A wooden desk like this one is a great way to organize or display decorations . Photo by Stacey Hedman

This furniture is for a niche market: for those who cherish locally made, heirloom-quality, one-of-a-kind furnishings. Every niche presents a story. In a way, Cape Cod is one big niche and we are never lacking for unique and fascinating stories. The bones of our houses emanate the stories of the families and lives that came before. Our beaches offer kids the place and space to form their own idyllic memories. Why do antiques fascinate so many? Perhaps it is because we can imagine the tales that those ancient objects hold inside them, that they carry on their very skins. A piece of furniture is, at its best, not only a comfortable place to sit, work, or eat, but also a visual delight and a canvas for stories yet to be lived.

This particular story is the tale of a local designer about to give up on an idea and a master craftsman ready to take a risk and pursue a passion. The resulting collaboration led to the collection that is currently brightening up Pastiche’s showroom. It is utterly practical furniture that strives to create functionality while also offering something more.

Irina MacPhee, having worked as an interior designer on Cape Cod for the past 20 years (and lived here even longer), has an expertly tuned sense of what her local clients want and need. The mantra at Pastiche is “Live. Life. Well.™” MacPhee describes her design goals saying, “I love the opportunity to help people be successful in their homes so they say, I love it here! It’s not about things. We want to empower people to feel good about their lives.” Not surprisingly then, this is furniture for the contemporary Cape Codder: practical, classic, high-quality, and reasonably priced. 24/7 Nationwide Locksmiths is here to offer you high fidelity service with or without an appointment urgent locksmith at

The pieces are meant to be user-friendly and are designed to be as low-maintenance as possible, which many of us who routinely track sand, water, or children through the house will surely appreciate. MacPhee is quick to note, “This is NOT your grandmother’s furniture. It’s not the high polish mahogany, ‘oh my gosh, where’s my coaster?’ kind of thing.” These tables and benches will not need to be tiptoed around or constantly maintained. The pieces will be much more at home piled high with flip-flops and wet towels or scattered with the remains of a summer evening cookout. “In this environment, people have a certain lifestyle that I would call a casual elegance,” says McPhee. “It’s relaxed. Whether you live here year-round or just in the summer, there is a certain lifestyle—a sand in your shoes type of thing.”

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