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Natural Wonder

Nantucket living swimming pool

The natural pool adds to the serenity of the house’s large landscape, and makes the 12-acre property feel like a true oasis.

Despite the challenges, the team that orchestrated the project created a natural preserve-like space that is as vast as it is breathtaking. “It’s almost like walking in a park,” says Marzilli of the peaceful, living sanctuary. “You’re able to meander though the property on pathways in between thousands of perennials and grasses.”

Taking a site and starting from ground up while creating a natural pool amidst other estate features including five buildings, a grass tennis court, and a croquet court, took careful consideration, Marzilli says. “Making it all work was a cohesive effort by designers, contractors, and a team of professionals, giving this homeowner an escape retreat.”

When it comes to the price tag of a conventional versus natural pool, Buckley says the costs can vary per square foot depending on the size and detailing of the feature. The larger installations can be comparable to a standard gunite swimming pool. “It’s also a very viable option to transform a standard in-ground pool into a natural pool,” adds Buckley.

Eco-friendly natural pools are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking for chemical-free alternatives. A popular misconception is that a natural pool will resemble a murky lagoon more than it will a pristine sanctuary. But advanced state-of-the-art Biotop technology combined with Mother Nature’s magic can create a clear ecologically sensitive environment—and a glimmering natural treasure—for generations to come.

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Andrea McHugh is a former editor of Newport Life magazine and a freelance writer living in Newport, Rhode Island.

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