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Photographers Revealed

The Photography Center of Cape Cod gives guidance to a congregation of camera clickers on Route 6A

Courtesy of the Photography Center of Cape Cod

John Tunney, one of the group leaders, is excited to get started. “I enjoy teaching, helping people go from taking pictures to making photographs,” he says. Instructors and tour leaders this year also include Rhode Island School of Design professor of photographer Henry Horenstein, artist Bob Singer, and Shiv Verma, chairman of the Nature Division of the Photographic Society of America.

One of the core aims of the center is unlocking the talent hidden in amateur photographers. Last May, the Cotuit Center for the Arts presented “Anything Goes,” an exhibition that complemented a play of the same name held at the Cotuit Center for the Arts. (On July 28, photographers from the center return to the CCAA for “The Big Picture,” an exhibition featuring large-scale prints measuring 24 inches by 30 inches or larger.) Featured photographers included a pool of seasoned veterans from around the country. Yet among the show’s winners was Cedar Hickey, a junior high student from Sandwich who had taken Tunney’s Introduction to Photography course through the center. A three-judge panel voted her submission second-best overall. It’s one accolade that illustrates something more: as its students’ shutters pop open and snap closed again, the fruits of the Photography Center of Cape Cod come into focus.

Editorial intern Matt Nilsson contributed to this story.

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