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Seaside Reverie

Landscape architect Greg Lombardi creates an environment for a busy family to “celebrate simple moments living by the sea.”

Landscape architect Greg Lombardi

The home’s back patio and lawn allow for a tranquil escape with a view. Photo by Eric Roth

Renowned landscape architect Greg Lombardi was asked to create an elegant, yet natural-looking design to complement the renovation of a mid-Cape home for homeowners seeking a coastal retreat by the sea. Right from the beginning of the project, Lombardi took into account the homeowner’s desire for a tranquil refuge from complicated metropolitan lives, one that would allow the owners to relax in understated comfort, making the most of Cape Cod’s natural glory. “The clients wanted to engage in Cape Cod’s abundant nature, celebrating simple moments living by the sea,” says Lombardi.

“The homeowners were very specific in their request for a vacation home that embodied a Cape Cod energy and lifestyle, very different from their year-round home,” Lombardi goes on to explain. “This meant a level of casual elegance where a certain simplicity, function and an appreciation of this unique place in the world trumped any overly formal or ‘too done’ interpretation.” Lombardi’s firm, founded in 1992, maintains a Chatham office locally, in addition to having offices in Cambridge, MA, and Palm Beach, Florida.

The landscape architect explains that listening well is always the first step in a sensitive, well-informed landscape design approach. He says there is a certain aptitude required to truly hearing how each client wants to live in a space, which ultimately is a reflection of how each client sees themselves in the world. Many homeowners look for their living spaces to make a statement; to be eye-catching, bold, or perhaps to reflect a desire for status or success. In this case, Lombardi’s clients looked to create a subtle, low-key retreat. “It is their statement,” he says, but in this case a refreshingly quiet one. Our team of professional technicians is prepared to come to your location, wherever you are, and provide top of the line locksmith services for all your security needs found a 24 hour locksmith near me on

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