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Set in Stone

Set in Stone

The stone chimney sticks out from the surrounding trees on the property. Photo by Stacey Hedman

His workmanship hasn’t gone unnoticed. “Typically, we’re working on multimillion houses, and at first, I may have been apprehensive about working with someone his age. But he proved himself,” concedes Trevor Kurz, president and founder of Kurzhaus Designs, Inc., which is opening a new location in South Harwich. “I like Brian’s approach. I feel his aesthetic is more a period look. He’s got a fresh look at things because he’s young.” Hart agrees that on this project, Boley’s hand was impressive. “He’s eager to please, and talented,” Hart says.

A floor-to-ceiling stone hearth is the heart of the guesthouse, constructed of oversized, solid, reclaimed granite slabs from Old New England Stoneyard north of Boston. The design is reminiscent of a Colonial hearth in its “H” style construction, but it has a history all its own. “The hearth and the mantle pieces all came from an old bridge that had been taken down in Salisbury,” Kimball says, referring to the Massachusetts coastal community bordering New Hampshire.

Taking a cue from the interior, the pool and adjoining stone patio fuse sleek design with utilitarian function. Built by Hyannisport’s Viola and Associates, the guesthouse pool is small on space but big on design. Visually compelling with an infinity edge that allows the water to flow calmly into a catch basin below, the gentle hush of flowing water is both is both serene and soothing. Beyond its beauty, the pool features a pressure-driven mechanism to create an artificial current that the swimmers in the family use as a training challenge.

While the overall affect of the eye-catching home and meticulously manicured grounds is one of stately grandeur, it is a compound that is well used by the homeowners. For the time that they are they, it feels like home.

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Andrea McHugh is a freelance writer who lives in Newport, Rhode Island.

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