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The Perfect Day, The Perfect Tent

Helpful how-to's for outdoor weddings that wow

Photo by Eric Barry Photography


No matter whether an outdoor wedding requires one tent or several, it is important to schedule a site check with an experienced crew chief or sales manager to assure that the desired tents fit properly in the desired location. This in-person meeting is also an ideal time to discuss any leveling issues. The goal might be to site a tent near a home or orient it towards a certain view, but its ultimate placement might need adjusting due to any interfering slopes.

Positioning a tent on uneven ground requires the installation of a full floor with leveling. A more expensive item, full flooring provides superior comfort and weather protection as well as level footing.

The More, The Merrier

Arranging a variety of tent canopies on one property for different uses is a creative way to entertain guests throughout the stages of a wedding day.

“In my experience, it’s all about the flow of guests and how many times you can ‘wow’ them,” says Wildes Liset. “I believe you have up to four opportunities to create a feeling, an energy within a space: ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing, and, in many cases, the after-party.”

Helpful how-to's for outdoor weddings that wow

Photo by Brea McDonald Photography

Her multi-tent arrangements have included a medium oval for an outdoor ceremony, a smaller blue star round for cocktails, and a roomy oval for dinner and dancing. Other inventive tent uses include cigar lounges, bridal prep, lounge seating, and kids’ play areas.


Catering should be accounted for if an event site does not provide suitable interior space. Usually measuring about 400 square feet or more, a cook tent can be encased in solid sides to shield the working interior from guests. In case of bad weather, it’s a good idea to plan for covered walkways, which can be fully sided, between the main and cook tents.

Overall, caterers are familiar with tented events and will offer suggestions as to their ideal cook tent size. Involve them in the process to make sure their needs are met.

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