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Your Best Match Yet

Cape Cod’s landscape can create new obstacles for visiting golfers. Here are a few tips from local pros on common course challenges.

The Golf Club in Yarmouthport

A golfer stands and admires her shot on this hilly and scenic course in Yarmouthport. Photo Courtesy of The Golf Club in Yarmouthport

Hinge your wrists. Rotate your hips. Turn your shoulders. Don’t move your head. Shorten your backswing. It seems that no matter what ails your golf game, there’s a tip that promises a cure.

Just head to the magazine rack at the nearest bookstore and the headlines will scream back at you: “Swing Like a Home Run Hitter For Longer Drives.” “Sink More Putts From Six Feet.” “Fix Your Slice in Five Seconds.” Those are actual headlines from recent golf magazines. And they’re merely the tip of the iceberg (pun intended).

Playing on Cape Cod presents its own set of challenges. When golfers think of our region, the obstacles that spring to mind are the wind, cold, rolling hills, tree-lined fairways, and sloping greens. A golfer must negotiate these factors—sometimes all in one round—in order to score, and maintaining focus and confidence in the face of these conditions is demanding.

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