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Good things are brewing at Cape Cod Coffee Roasters

Mashpee company offers a variety of roasts and flavors, facility tours, and more

Like most endeavors, success in the world of commercial coffee roasting requires a focus on and a commitment to the fundamentals. And in the coffee business, everything begins and ends with the beans.

At Cape Cod Coffee Roasters in Mashpee, the company uses beans imported from more than a…

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Mashpee Wampanoag are Reviving A Long-Lost Language

Mashpee Wampanoag are learning to speak the words of their ancestors

It started with a vision. In 1993—some 14 years before federal recognition of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe—Jessie little doe Baird, a member of the tribe, began having dreams in which people were speaking a language she had never heard. In one dream, they were chanting in this mysterious tongue, and…

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Chatham Airport: One Man’s Field of Dreams

Founder Wilfred Berube’s grassroots effort paved the way for the airport we know today

Imagine that you and some friends decide to spend the day surfcasting off Monomoy. Rather than navigate the channels from Stage Harbor by boat, you decide to fly. You head to Chatham Airport, pay $3 to its owner, Wilfred J. Berube, and hand him your rods and…

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Summer Love Stories from Nantucket Island

Writer Elin Hilderbrand discusses her work, her love for the Island, and how she made her dreams come true

There are few places in the country that conjure images of sun, sand and summertime more than the island of Nantucket. And it’s on this charming, timeless playground where novelist Elin Hilderbrand makes her home.

Hilderbrand, 46, is the author of a number…

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A day in the life of Cape Cod Tuna fisherman Tyler Macallister

One long day in the life of Cape Cod tuna fisherman Tyler Macallister.

The directions come down from above. “One o’clock—six boats. Twelve o’clock— three boats, two boats . . .” As pilot Dan d’Hedouville spots individual or schools of tuna while circling in the sky above, he radios the fish’s coordinates to the crew aboard the Cynthia C below.…

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The Changing Shape of Ballston Beach, Truro

The Changing Shape of the Cape & Islands (Editor’s note: this is the fifth in a series of articles covering the region’s dramatically changing coastline.)

For two days in February of 2013, a blizzard packing hurricane force winds pounded Cape Cod. One of the areas that suffered the most damage was Ballston Beach, a popular spot on Truro’s Atlantic-facing coastline. When…

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Pet Project: Experts say caring for a dog is a great way to get healthier and happier!

Experts say caring for a dog is one great way to get healthier and happier.

As everyone knows, being active is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And for many, owning and caring for pets—and especially dogs—can make staying active not only easier for people, but more enjoyable.

Katrina Boucher, owner of The Cape Cod Dog in Eastham, is a…

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For What it’s Worth

Local art and antique dealers share a few appraising tips

  Almost 10 years ago, a woman walked into Kahn Fine Antiques in Chatham carrying a crumpled paper bag in her hand and with her daughter and granddaughter at her side. For Richard Kahn, the business’s owner and a longtime art collector and appraiser, this was not an unusual situation—until he…

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One Man’s Trash is this Man’s Treasure

At Chatham’s Atlantic Workshop, Scott Feen transforms lobster pots, boat rudders, and pretty much anything else into custom furnishings and decorative pieces

Scott Feen hates to throw anything away. In fact, the West Yarmouth resident is so averse to waste that he spends a good part of his time rescuing items that others want to throw away. The founder and owner…

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Cape Cod art gallery events—August 1 to October 30

Here’s a list of 90 days of Cape & Islands art gallery exhibits, receptions, and more!

August 1
BRIX Nantucket unveils “Palates and Palettes”
Visiting painter Deidre Tao’s new collection of Nantucket paintings, “Palates and Palettes”, will be displayed for the first time at a special wine tasting Saturday, August 1, from 4-6 p.m. at BRIX Nantucket Wine Shop, at 1 Windy…

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