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“You get what you give!”

For 22 years, painter Marieluise Hutchinson has utilized her artistic talent to benefit local non-profits

Marieluise Hutchinson travels old New England roads searching for perfect scenes to paint. She is drawn to landscapes and rural architectural scenes, whether a Cape Cod barn or a rural farmhouse in Maine. She photographs a variety of potential scenes; then, when she returns to her…

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When the temperature drops, go take a hike!

Details on five invigorating walks on the Cape & Islands

The warm weather has come and gone, and the tourists and seasonal residents of summer have left the Cape and Islands a quieter place. Although winter may not be the ideal weather for a “beach day,” our region’s coastal settings offer those looking for outdoor activities plenty of options. For example,…

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There’s a lot to like about alpaca

Vineyard farm spreads the word about this gentle animal’s many attractive qualities

Let’s call this a story of love at first sight. A little over ten years ago, Barbara Ronchetti of Edgartown came across a few cute faces while perusing the animals and exhibitions at the annual Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair. How cute are we talking? Very, very cute! The animals attached to…

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Many are making the choice to eat healthier

With so many food options available these days, choosing the best tasting and healthiest products can be a bit overwhelming. From grass-fed beef to organically grown fruits and vegetables, the choices are seemingly endless. As consumers become more and more aware of the different ingredients included in packaged foods and how additives and preservatives can impact their health, the more…

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The Changing Shape of Siasconset, Nantucket

The village of Siasconset sits on the east coast of Nantucket. A distance from downtown, the area offers stunning scenery and a unique culture and history. Due to its location, though, Siasconset (or “Sconset”) also regularly feels the wrath of the Atlantic’s rough waters beating along its shoreline. Sankaty Head Lighthouse, perhaps the village’s best known attraction—it’s a white light…

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Cape coffee company has bold intentions

Falmouth resident launches coffee company with a cause

Here’s an easy prediction: if Thomas A. Baxendale were alive today, Bob Taft would buy the man a cup of coffee. A longtime resident of Falmouth’s Megansett village, Taft has long admired Baxendale, who lived on Amrita Island in nearby Cataumet just about a century ago. During the 1890s, Baxendale and his wife,…

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A very festive holiday lineup!

Previews of five upcoming events on the Cape & Islands—and details on 21 more

Here’s a few easy holiday-themed questions for you. Are you in the mood for any of the following seasonal niceties?

Gazing upon impressive displays of holiday decorations?
Enjoying a festive train ride with family and friends?
Sampling delicious Cape Cod cookies and other homemade treats?
Heading over to Nantucket or the…

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Upcoming Cape & Islands Fairs and Festivals

Previews of six upcoming fairs and festivals—with details on many more

As you leaf through the following pages, we think you’ll find—as we have—that although the crowds on the Cape and Islands may thin out some after Labor Day, the schedule of activities taking place across the region remains robust and strong all autumn long. And there is such a variety…

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Good things are brewing at Cape Cod Coffee Roasters

Mashpee company offers a variety of roasts and flavors, facility tours, and more

Like most endeavors, success in the world of commercial coffee roasting requires a focus on and a commitment to the fundamentals. And in the coffee business, everything begins and ends with the beans.

At Cape Cod Coffee Roasters in Mashpee, the company uses beans imported from more than a…

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Mashpee Wampanoag are Reviving A Long-Lost Language

Local tribe learning to speak the words of their ancestors

It started with a vision. In 1993—some 14 years before federal recognition of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe—Jessie little doe Baird, a member of the tribe, began having dreams in which people were speaking a language she had never heard. In one dream, they were chanting in this mysterious tongue, and someone said,…

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