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At The Helm: Meet Sarah Chace

Sarah Chace Partner, Mashpee Commons CCL: How would you describe your role in the organization? SC: I am a partner at Mashpee Commons Limited Partnership. My responsibilities include managing the daily operations of Mashpee Commons – including leasing, property management, marketing, and strategic planning.  CCL: What were the appealing elements of the job that helped you decide to make this commitment? SC: Mashpee Commons is a family-owned company. My father began the process of retrofitting a strip shopping center in the 1980s. It seemed like a natural progression that I ...

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The Cape Cod Effect

At Pretty Picky Properties, experience drives experience. They provide their guests with local knowledge, top-notch service, and exceptional rental homes with one goal in mind: creating a classic Cape Cod vacation.  Photography provided by Pretty Picky Properties When someone tells you that they spend their summers on the Cape, or even that they’re planning a short family trip, it elicits unmistakable thoughts of relaxation and seaside escape—as if that classic summer southwest breeze is intermingling with the words “Cape Cod vacation.” A trip to the Cape is all about creating ...
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A Lovely Day in the Neighborhood

Mashpee Commons has long been a model of how to do business; a concept not lost on the over 50 women-owned businesses found in the bustling complex.

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Women in Business: JuliaGarden Design, Ltd.

Julia Esteves and her husband Artek Milczanowski, owners of JuliaGarden Design, Ltd. in Osterville, bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to her designs that result in healthy and beautiful outdoor living spaces.  

Good Reads in Life: Rooted in Tradition

From lifestyle and entertaining expert Kimberly Whitman, and interior designer Shelley Johnstone, comes their new book, “A Loving Table,” which centers on women, family, food & tradition.

Women in Business: Harvest of Barnstable

Business in Bloom For more than 40 years Harvest of Barnstable in Yarmouth Port has been providing quality interior décor…

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Color Me Happy

A family’s home in Marion is transported through a kaleidoscope by Evolve Residential and into a magical wonderland.

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Next Wave: Horsley Witten Group

We interview four young & bright stars from Horsley Witten, who are making steps to change the environment we all share for the better.

Shorethings: Chasing Away the Winter Blues… and ushering in the springtime hues…

Summerland Homes & Gardens moved a few doors down to their new showroom in Osterville–eagerly awaiting the days of spring when the village comes to life.

Painting From The Inside Out

Jack Dickerson paints a world of pure expression–nature, light, & saturated hues meld to create a distinct Cape landscape.

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Featured Article

Anthony Paul Filiberto: In Broad Strokes

An artist who lived as large as he painted. There is a notion of the artist as a quiet recluse…

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Annual Report: The Future is Bright

A stormy year brought silver linings to Cape and Islands Arts Organizations. In March 2020, when non-essential businesses began closing their…

A Voyage Fueled by Vision

Forty years ago Harry Holl imagined a place where the art and artists of Cape Cod could shine. Today the…

Artist Profiles 2021

“I don’t think about art when I’m at work. I try to think about life.” ~ Jean-Michel Basquiat Ask 100 artists…

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Featured Article

Seasons of Love

With the help of Maria Hickey and Associates Landscapes, the blank canvas at Kerry Kennedy’s new home has been transformed…

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A Green Desire

Chad and Bonnie Frost create an old-world landscape, which serves as a lush, nurturing backdrop for their modern romance. Just…

Zen and the Art of Landscape

With almost four decades of experience under his feet, Paul Miskovsky has coaxed the natural world into a state of…

A Heavenly Assumption

Local green thumbs join forces to restore a devotional garden. In a long, narrow garden perched alongside Eel Pond in…