Nature’s Palette

By Julie Craven Wagner | April 29, 2024

Meet five landscape professionals in this round-up of talent & learn what unique offerings each has to help you turn a tired yard into your personal oasis.

Cleansing Tides

By Chris White | April 16, 2024

A new report of the quality of the waterways and ponds on the Cape reveals concerns as well as a path for hope.

The Child In All of Us

By Cape Cod Life Publications | April 16, 2024

The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History Celebrates 70 years!

Warm Welcomes and Grateful Goodbyes

By Julie Craven Wagner | December 7, 2023

In the final trip to Olde Homestead Farm, we reflect on the memories, moments and images that make this such a special place.

Gunk’holing: The Changing Coast Line 

By Brian Shortsleeve | November 13, 2023

gunk’holing is the art of getting a boat into any small shallow cove, forbidden to boats of deeper draft and out again, without running aground much over a dozen times.…

Homestead Harvest

By Julie Craven Wagner | October 11, 2023

Autumn begins at Olde Homestead Farm and though the temperature is cooling, farm life remains active.

Secret Garden

By Julie Craven Wagner | October 11, 2023

Garden enthusiasts Marcia and George Chapman have transformed a very ordinary backyard into an enchanting world of wonder. “It’s the largest half acre on Cape Cod,” George Chapman beams, with…

Nature At Work

By Susan Dewey | August 7, 2023

Explore famed landscape designer Piet Oudolf’s Nantucket garden, featured in his latest book, “Piet Oudolf At Work.”

It’s a boy!

By Julie Craven Wagner | August 7, 2023

A new addition to Olde Homestead Farm in Marstons Mills makes a long-awaited appearance.

Peace in Preservation

By Brookyln Moore | August 7, 2023

Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary in Barnstable provides nature-based education in a new, state-of-the-art structure.

Where the Bracing Atlantic Bites Back

By Chris White | July 10, 2023

Sharks deserve equal parts respect and fear as they circle back around the Cape this summer.

The “Jewel” of Barnstable

By Donna Bragg | July 10, 2023

For so many, the coastal beauty of Sandy Neck Beach is a favorite destination for making treasured memories.

Season of Anticipation

By Julie Craven Wagner | June 15, 2023

Hope and anticipation are converging at the always busy Homestead Farm in Marstons Mills.

Meet the Whales

By Leslie Hatton | May 24, 2023

How lucky are we that these majestic mammals choose Cape Cod to spend their summer? Come meet some of the usual suspects that cruise in & around our waters.

Pillows of Perfection

By Kelly Cloonan | April 26, 2023

With a beauty that is hard to resist, the ranunculus flower got its name from a combination of two Latin words, rana, meaning frog, and unculus, which translates to little. These fascinating blooms are also known as buttercup or Coyote eyes.

Girls Got Gills

By Kelly Cloonan | April 19, 2023

After nearly 10 years of coordinating programming for young girls interested in sharks and marine life, coordinators of the Gills Club are seeing their efforts pay off in incredible ways.

Hope Springs Eternal

By Julie Craven Wagner | April 6, 2023

It’s a busy time at Olde Homestead Farm with new growth and new life representing the optimistic start of spring.

Flight of Fancy

By Susanna Graham-Pye | March 27, 2023

The ever-changing spectrum of birds that visit this area is constantly changing. Check out what to watch for in any season.

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