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Sea Through

Although the family’s primary residence sits in the hot, humid middle of the country, they come home to their Cape Cod house and the beguiling ocean breezes. “For years and years, we rented a place,” says the owner. “We did it how everybody does the Cape. We crammed in, air mattresses everywhere, and just had a blast all being together like that. But I was like, ‘Okay, in this house we’ll have the space where everybody can have a bed.’” “Everybody” is a big list: the couple who built the new home, their four adult children and their four spouses, ...

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Two Worlds Collide

A New Seabury couple come together to reinvigorate a traditional Cape home, combining their unique styles to create a space expertly situated in duality: timeless and modern, classic and chic, calming and vibrant. What happens when a pool lover and a beachgoer meet? Like with any great marriage, the answer is compromise. For Josh Hundert and Greg Strazzulla, that compromise came in the form of an untouched foreclosure, just blocks away from a peaceful private beach and with a hidden gem in the front courtyard: a spacious pool. Thus began ...

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Sense & Sensibilities

By Julie Craven Wagner | August 22, 2022

An intrepid interior designer strikes a balance between traditional sophistication and seaside charm for an Oyster Harbors retreat.

Vision Quest

By Rachel Walman | August 22, 2022

SV Design and M. Duffany Builders help Chatham homeowners transition a house into a home for entertaining and welcoming a slew of friends and family.

Dormer Days of Summer

By Larry Lindner | August 22, 2022

By opening up this Dennis house, the knowledgeable team at McPhee Associates ensured these homeowners had the right space for light, life and guests.

Summer Breeze

By Julie Craven Wagner | August 22, 2022

Family, fun & relaxation is just what one couple finds to enjoy the sweet days of summer in their newly constructed home by Cape Dreams.

Calm Seas Ahead

By Allyson Plessner | August 22, 2022

Photographer Sarah Dasco has found both calmness and passion in capturing her coastal surroundings

The Promise

By Hannah Kunze | August 22, 2022

Fortune favors those who find themselves in Maushop Village; even more those like Allyson Muller, who found the inspiration here to achieve her perfect fairy tale.

Special Spaces: Take the Plunge

By Emily Baxter | August 22, 2022

Karen Larson, founder of Soake® Pools, alongside Jay MacMullan, owner of MainStay Landscape, turned this Cotuit homeowner’s dream of a little backyard oasis into a reality.

Shorethings: At the Corner of Home Owners and Home Builders

By Cape Cod Life Publications | August 22, 2022

Connecting homeowners to reputable contractors and service providers.

Next Wave: Andrew Philbrook

By Rachel Walman | August 22, 2022

Andrew Philbrook takes on the challenges and nuances of the custom building and remodeling world on Cape Cod.

Free Content: Getting Ready For A Cape Cod Summer

Spotlight: Independently Owned, Collaboratively Focused

By Cape Cod Life Publications | August 22, 2022

At Harwich Paint and Chatham Paint, their name tells only part of their story.

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Lucking Out

By Chris White | July 28, 2021

Polhemus Savery DaSilva applies thoughtful design and exceptional craftsmanship to a unique home for the entire family. Few dogs are as fortunate as a little gray fellow named Lucky. Sure, some have nice places built of plywood out in the back yard, in the classic style of Snoopy’s pad with the…

Building Business: This is Del Mar

By Allyson Plessner | July 28, 2021

With a sleek new office space and an ever-growing year-round staff, Del Mar Vacations is well-positioned to provide both renters and homeowners with an exceptional Cape Cod experience. The spaces in which we live and work directly affect one’s well-being; if a bedroom is cluttered, you may also feel scattered or…

The Beauty of Balance

By Allyson Plessner | July 28, 2021

This innovative home in West Dennis is all about finding the balance between sustainability and thoughtful design. A3 Architects and McPhee Associates collaborate to create a home that will last through generations of family adventures on Cape Cod.  On Cape Cod, building homes to last a lifetime—through generations of sandy…

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She Shares Silver Shed Stories by the Seashore

By Julie Craven Wagner | June 8, 2022

Interior designer Sandra Cavallo shares the story of her family with hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

The Next Chapter

By Julie Craven Wagner | June 8, 2022

Chapter House offers old world charm and modern hospitality to historic Yarmouth Port.

Inside Out

By Rachel Walman | June 8, 2022

A3 Architects and YORK Building & Remodeling blend 21st century living with a Dennis home rich with history.

Seeking Sanctuary

By Julie Craven Wagner | June 8, 2022

Del Mar Vacations offers a serene and calming property for a memorable Barnstable retreat.

Below Deck

By Allyson Plessner | June 8, 2022

Washashore Home Interior Design and Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders team up to create a nautically-inspired home overlooking Lighthouse.

Spotlight: Khouri’s Oriental Rug Company

By Cape Cod Life Publications | June 7, 2022

Khouri’s Oriental Rug Company has been consistently servicing homeowners for almost 100 years.

Let’s Take It From the Top

By Larry Lindner | May 18, 2022

The Valle Group gives College Light Opera Company a new rehearsal space that is the talk of West Falmouth.

Color Me Happy

By Allyson Plessner | April 11, 2022

A family’s home in Marion is transported through a kaleidoscope by Evolve Residential and into a magical wonderland.

At long last… Littlefield

By Kathleen McKenna | April 10, 2022

Interior Designer, Caroline Burke of Top Rail Interiors and Patrick Ahearn, Architect create a fairytale ending for a home in West Chop.