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spring 2023


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A Study in Ocean Hues

“What color is the ocean?”  is a more complicated question than initially assumed. Simply responding “blue” doesn’t suffice when, for example, the rolling gray swells of a storm catastrophically strike the dunes, or when shallow pools near the seashore drop steeply off into a navy pit, or when the midday summer sun turns the crests of gentle waves into glinting white diamonds. The ocean is actually composed of thousands of hues—cold grays, sparkling whites, rich blues and greens—that give the sea a depth of color to rival that of its physical measure. This Pocasset home is a study in ocean ...

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Why Not White?

Interior design team Paul White and David Nault of Boston’s Weena and Spook use white as a backdrop for their Cape-Nantucket Sound project.  Remember back to your youth, say age 21, when you had just finished school and the world seemed to be your oyster? You were young, fearless and felt anything could happen!  That was David Nault and Paul White; newly-minted Fashion Institute of Technology (New York) grads standing in the street at 660 Madison Avenue in New York’s Upper East Side looking up at Barneys’ flagship store.  With ...

Premium Content From This Month's Issue

Playful Style

By Hannah Kunze | April 6, 2023

Interior designer Carolyn Thayer sets the mood for fun in this Nantucket vacation home in Madequecham.

A Palate for Color

By Julie Craven Wagner | April 6, 2023

Interior designer Carole King, feeds a couple’s appetite for color and art in their Cape home.

The Gift of Family

By Leslie Hatton | April 6, 2023

Interior designer Sarah Henley helps three sisters design a new home for their father’s next chapter.

A Spin on the Color Wheel

By Christina Galt | April 6, 2023

Seeing the potential in pieces of furniture, Kirsten Mierjeski paints unique and detailed patterns using the eye of a true artist.

Hope Springs Eternal

By Julie Craven Wagner | April 6, 2023

It’s a busy time at Olde Homestead Farm with new growth and new life representing the optimistic start of spring.

Shorethings: Interiors by Donel

By Leslie Hatton | April 6, 2023

For interior designer Donel Beals, of Interiors by Donel, color is nothing to be afraid of.

Next Wave: Victor Rebello

By Leslie Hatton | April 6, 2023

Meet Victor Rebello, a master of color knowledge with years of experience to help you make the perfect paint selections and suggest decorating tips.

Handpicked Related Content

Color Me Happy

By Allyson Plessner | April 11, 2022

A family’s home in Marion is transported through a kaleidoscope by Evolve Residential and into a magical wonderland.

At long last… Littlefield

By Kathleen McKenna | April 11, 2022

Interior Designer, Caroline Burke of Top Rail Interiors and Patrick Ahearn, Architect create a fairytale ending for a home in West Chop.

Chalk it up to Creativity

By Julie Craven Wagner | April 7, 2022

New Bedford’s The Drawing Room explores the allure of Chalk Paint® and the creative ways to make a home artfully distinct.

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Harvest of History

By Julie Craven Wagner | March 27, 2023

History comes alive as a special couple dedicate themselves to reviving a 275-year-old farm.

Building Business: The Knack

By Susanna Graham-Pye | March 27, 2023

Cape Associates, Inc. joins forces with b Architecture Studio to create a second location for the Knack restaurant in Hyannis.

A View to Forever

By Julie Craven Wagner | March 27, 2023

After a long search, a discerning homeowner finally finds the perfect piece of property on Buzzards Bay to build a home for the future.

Full Circle

By Leslie Hatton | March 27, 2023

The past, present and future of this Lecount Hollow beach home are intertwined with its owner; proving that home is where the heart is.

A Place for Tomorrow

By Leslie Hatton | March 27, 2023

Design, detail and dedication to how a space works, ensures a home for the future.

Soliloquy of the Seasons

By Julie Craven Wagner | March 27, 2023

A heritage property in Cataumet becomes a naturalized estate, embracing each season as a new experience.

Designs from Yesteryear for today, tomorrow and beyond…

By Leslie Hatton | March 27, 2023

TrimBoard not only crafts beautiful moldings and millwork, but they also provide a worry-free future.

Next Wave: Georgia Zikas

By Leslie Hatton | March 27, 2023

For Connecticut-based interior designer Georgia Zikas, nothing happens by accident. With Massachusetts roots and plans to expand on Cape Cod, the path she…

Spotlight: Light & Living

By Cape Cod Life Publications | March 24, 2023

In Light of Design One of the greatest harbingers of the good design found on the Cape these days resides in Eastham at…