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A beachy summer home gets a splashy update thanks to the color masters: Evolve Residential

Capturing color is an art, and like any great Rembrandt, Monet, or Hockney, the mastery is in the details. However, grasping those details in a way that is creative, respectful to the space, and still eye-catching can sometimes seem like an impossible task. A shade too dark might fail too highlight the fun vibe of a home—especially on Cape Cod—while a shade too light might not  provide the necessary deference to the history and significance of a home. When a pillow fabric or wallpaper choice can truly make or break a room, it’s essential to trust professionals who know what they are doing, and no one understands color like Evolve Residential

The refined—and almost always colorful—genius of Evolve is never more clear than if you were to stand in their Boston office space, peering over Josh Linder and Thomas Henry Egan’s shoulders as they ponder bold fabric samples, vivacious paint chips and thoughtful furniture layouts. “It’s a bit like standing over a stove cooking, throwing in some adventurous flavors like turmeric or something delicate like chervil,” muses Egan. “You have to be able to really consider what you’re making to edit it appropriately. Then, sometimes you have to take a chance.”

Clients might be surprised—and delighted—to find that Evolve’s planning process happens all at once, meaning that everything from architectural plans to furniture layouts are considered at the same time. “A lot of times if you tell an architect about the dining room table that you want to incorporate, they will say, ‘what’s a dining room table?’” laughs Egan. “They are not focused on furniture, but for us, it’s important to do it all at the same time and really give ourselves the time and space to consider the full picture of a what a project could be.” Creating a thorough plan is an essential part of Evolve’s process, especially when working so unabashedly with color. “It’s definitely a challenge,” says Egan. “We have to make sure it doesn’t look like an explosion at a paint factory.”

All of the careful consideration and collaborative planning culminates in superb homes, each with a personality all their own. Evolve’s chic style lends itself well to modern spaces, but where Linder and Egan’s talents really shine are in taking traditional spaces—the types of coastal cottages you might find along the shores of the Cape, or the historic stately manners that dot New England—and bringing them into the modern age. It’s a mix between experimental, fashionable style and elegant, respectful character that results in homes that are sophisticated yet fun, historic yet functional. “We’re all about combining old and new,” explains Linder, co-founder of Evolve along with Egan. And mastering that dichotomy is a tricky feat—a tight rope that Linder and Egan seem to navigate with professional ease, vivacious enthusiasm, and lots and lots of color.

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