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September/October 2022


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Young at Heart

An unlikely couple finds real happiness and shares their special day at Osterville’s Nauticus Marina. George Regan is a storyteller. Anyone who knows the enigmatic founder and CEO of Regan Communications, one of the top public relations firms in the country, has encountered his boundless energy and jovial wit. Tagged with the moniker, the Prince of PR, as any good pitch man worth his salt, Regan can easily transition between a variety of roles of the Royal Court. Ruler, courtier, confessor and even jester; these are all roles, Regan’s multitude of talents execute masterfully. As a result, his long and ...

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The Hero With 1,000 Colors

The Hero’s Journey is a story framework that arose from human desires to understand meaning and purpose in life and has evolved to the point of near ubiquity, especially in Hollywood. It’s a pattern that author Joseph Campbell found in folklore and mythology from cultures as diverse as Native American nations, ancient Greece, and feudal Japan. The hero begins life in an ordinary world that’s usually boring and safe. Within this banal setting, a circumstance or messenger challenges the hero to leave home and embark upon a quest. As Dorothy ...

Premium Content From This Month's Issue

We Changed the Date, and Couldn’t Wait

By Kelly Cloonan | September 26, 2022

Planning to ring in a New Year, and a new life, a young couple is forced to change their wedding date.

Every Oyster has its Pearl

By Abigail Jones | September 26, 2022

Poet and Philosopher Meaghan and Taylor Quinn tie the knot on Cape Cod, where their relationship began.

From Yes To I Do!

By Julie Craven Wagner | September 26, 2022

A surprise proposal that was featured in the 2021 issue of Cape Cod LIFE September/October, leads a young couple to their happily ever after!

Seamless Sensibilities

By Susanna Graham-Pye | September 26, 2022

Joan Peters and Sara Campbell merge their design expertise to create chic fashion.

Photo Portfolio: Marcia Joy Duggan

By Christina Galt | September 26, 2022

After moving to Orleans 35 years ago, fine art photographer Marcia Joy Duggan found inspiration in the beautiful natural light of the Cape and Islands.

The French Dispatch

By Kelly Cloonan | September 26, 2022

The French Cable Station Museum in Orleans occupies some of history’s most memorable moments.

Day Trip: Outer Cape

By Julie Craven Wagner | September 26, 2022

A visit to the Outer Cape provides a real and tangible feeling of venturing to a singular landscape that moves to its own beat.

The Cape & Islands Bookstore Trail

By Abigail Jones | September 26, 2022

Independent bookstores are the heart of Cape Cod and Islands towns. Their peaceful atmospheres draw visitors in, and the adventures they promise encourage people to stay.

Out & About: Fragile

By Cape Cod Life Publications | September 26, 2022

The literal and figurative fires racism ignites will be the focus of the Cape Cod Museum of Art’s exhibit “Fragile,” featuring the paintings of artists Frank Angibo and Richard Neal, and the poetry of writer and visual artist Lauren Wolk. 

Good Reads In Life: A Real Beach Read!

By Abigail Jones | September 26, 2022

Elin Hilderbrand, named “queen of beach reads” by the New York Magazine, exposes dirty secrets of a coastal summer in her 28th novel, The Hotel Nantucket.

Gunkholing: Bill Zammer 1945-2021

By Brian Shortsleeve | September 26, 2022

It has been just over a year since our good friend Bill Zammer passed away. For those of you who may not recognize the name behind the corporation Cape Cod Restaurants, Inc., you most certainly must be familiar with the successful restaurants that Bill built across the Cape and beyond.

Free Content: Local Businesses Share Insights About The Cape Cod Way of LIFE

Spotlight: Coastline Technologies

By Cape Cod Life Publications | September 26, 2022

Helping clients stay up to speed with the newest and most secure technologies is Gregory and Elizabeth Cincotta’s business, but both believe the key to their success lies in something simple, more personal, and very old school.

Spotlight: Osterville Acupuncture

By Cape Cod Life Publications | September 26, 2022

Clients of Osterville Acupuncture find treatment in a beautifully-restored barn’s clean, spare interior. Mellow tones of Tibetan meditation music and the fragrance of fresh herbs fill the air. It’s all a tactile representation of the inner well-being Gwen Carlton hopes to help clients find.

Handpicked Related Content

This Magic Moment

By Susan Dewey | September 22, 2021

A Cape couple’s love for their community and each other kept their seaside wedding bright and breezy despite pandemic challenges. Jen Villa just naturally has the kind of star power that promises a wedding day like no other. The Hyannis resident’s big, warm-hearted personality and dark vivid beauty light up any…

She Said Yes!

By Rachel Walman | September 22, 2021

Things have always seemed to work out just right for Erin Ricciardi and Connor Schmitt. Connor reconnected with his former army platoon buddy, Kyle when they discovered they lived across the street from each other in Fort Stewart in Georgia, where they were both stationed. One fateful weekend, Kyle invited…

Day Trip: Buzzards Bay

By Julie Craven Wagner | September 22, 2021

Bourne’s Downtown: A surge of growth and new business is making Buzzards Bay a destination for those looking for an unforgettable day. When you think about it, the village of Buzzards Bay is really the crossroads between the Cape and the rest of the world. With established routes that connect…

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Walking Home

By Chris White | September 1, 2022

Traversing in Thoreau’s Cape Cod footsteps, Ben Shattuck takes readers with him through one of life’s most important journeys; that of self-discovery.


By Susanna Graham-Pye | September 1, 2022

Local journalist Greg O’Brien applies determination, intelligence and wit in his personal battle against Alzheimer’s.

All in the Family

By Joe O'Shea | September 1, 2022

The next generation of Cape Cod fishermen and women are given priceless generational wisdom, to set their own hook, line, and sinker.

Get Outside Cape Cod

By Kelly Cloonan | September 1, 2022

Local mother of two boys, Lissy Perna, takes her commitment to fresh and informative outdoor play and discovery, from a popular blog to an invaluable book.

Finding Her Wonderland

By Christina Galt | September 1, 2022

Known to local school children as the “Turtle Lady” for many years, Susan Baur dives into local ponds, and shares the importance of protecting our wildlife.

Isaac Snow: Revolutionary Pirate & Incorrigible Prisoner

By Chris White | September 1, 2022

Taking a step back into the Cape’s Revolutionary past reveals the story of Isaac Snow.

Moments to Remember

By Abigail Jones | September 1, 2022

Classic landscapes are given a new life by Bill Gotha, whose work breathes with the tides, the wind, the rocks, & the water that surrounds us.

As It Was

By Christina Galt | September 1, 2022

Photographer Robert Colley captures the Outer Cape in a new book that takes a page from the past.

Day Trip: 6A from Brewster to Orleans

By Julie Craven Wagner | September 1, 2022

Following our previous path along Olde Kings Highway, we come upon the extraordinary, quaint towns of Brewster & Orleans, nestled in the crook of Cape Cod Bay.