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This Club Hops!

Cape Cod Girls’ Pint Out club introduces women to craft beers at local restaurants.

Adorned with decorative pint glasses brimming with hops, a sign welcoming visitors to The Nor’East Beer Garden in Provincetown one evening in September boldly defines the mission statement of those on hand for the festivities.

“We’re gals into grolsch,” the sign reads. “Ladies into lagers. Princesses into pilsners.…

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Modern History

Forgotten furniture and abandoned antiques get a second life at Modern Vintage Design Studio in Sandwich.

No piece of furniture is as alluring or romantic as the vanity table, an artifact from a bygone era. Vanity tables, with elegant drawer pulls, large mirrors, and intricately carved legs, were once a staple in every bedroom, places where women spent hours primping. It’s…

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Traces of Time

Monomoy Island’s fascinating history includes tragic shipwrecks, wily mooncussers, and acts of selfless heroism.

There is no sign of life beyond a lone lighthouse on the barren, moon-like expanse of Monomoy Island in 2010. All you can see are dunes, ponds, waves, and marshland. Monomoy is officially considered wilderness by the United States Government, yet rare evidence of Cape Cod’s past…

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