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Seeking Something Long Forgotten

In building a schooner, an island boatbuilder rediscovers his past.

There is a hand-hewn knowledge of the shipbuilding that has been intrinsic to a particular way of life in New England. For Ted Box, a renowned environmental artist, waterman, and master boatbuilder who has called Vineyard Haven home for more than 30 years, that way of life once proved at odds…

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The Quickest Windjammer

Before the mast with Martha’s Vineyard’s famous kiteboarder, Rob Douglas

Ask Rob Douglas, a lifelong Vineyard Haven resident who is called by some the fastest sailor alive, if kiteboarding is a form of sailing, and he’ll hedge his answer. It’s sailing in the sense that your “boat” floats and the wind is your power source. But, says Douglas, it’s not traditional…

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