Veiled Power: Examining the role of women in Tennessee Williams’ plays

At this year’s Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival, the art of feminine illusion in the playwright’s famous—and little known—plays takes center stage.

The intriguing female characters in Tennessee Williams’ plays take center stage in this year’s Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival. Read more…

Provincetown Muse

Sculptor Danielle Mailer’s visual vocabulary is inspired by cherished Cape Cod memories.

The inspiration for Danielle Mailer’s colorful artwork—often depicting the female form along with dogs, cats, horses, and fish—comes from her longtime relationship with Provincetown’s unique landscape and culture. Read more…

The Shape of Love

A Provincetown Art Association and Museum show celebrates artist Jim Peter's adoration of the female figure.

Looking at the work of Jim Peters, you can feel the heat. Read more…