Sailing Through Time

“Never thou marry a landlubber,” an old sea captain instructed seven-year old Faith Bassett, “but thou marry a sailor who has tasted plenty of salt brine, and he will take thee with him to far places.”

Faith, herself, was a “landlubber,” raised on an inland farm in 1830s Marshpee (the original spelling of “Mashpee” before local pronunciation dictated a name change).…

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Three Vignettes

Cape Cod is rarely invoked in the same breath as Antietam, Shiloh, or Gettysburg when the subject turns to the American Civil War. Yet the region quietly did its part when it came to quelling “the Rebellion”, as locals termed it. According to Civil War historian Stauffer Miller, roughly 1,000 Cape men enlisted in the army; several hundred more served…

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