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Local Flavor

At times, it seems as if our food comes from a far-off place, finding its way onto our dinner plates from parts unknown. But it turns out there’s plenty being harvested right in our salt-sprayed back yard.

Here, we meet a few of the folks who are keeping the Cape’s agrarian traditions alive on scales big and small: a mother who…

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All in Good Time

With more than 80 nonfiction books to his credit, history author Martin Sandler has hit his stride—with no plans to slow down.

What do you do when you’re an 80-year-old writer and so many voices—your critics’, your editors’, the one inside yourself—tell you that after more than 40 years in the business, you’re better than you’ve ever been? If you’re Martin…

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A Cold Sweat

In the winter, believe it or not, some folks stay outdoors while the rest crawl back inside. There’s the surfer who paddles through ice cream headaches to ride empty waves. The runner who primes her lungs for the Boston Marathon while ice thaws under her feet. The fisherman who finds massive fish in frozen ponds. Sure, they wear thicker layers…

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Paddle Up!

Riding the Cape’s Paddleboard WAVE

Bob Babock stood up on a stand-up paddleboard because sometimes it was tough to stand up anywhere else.

In late 2003, Babcock was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. The subsequent treatment literally left him out of balance. “I was having a hard time even walking sometimes, or driving a car,” says the Carver resident, now 54.…

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As Old as the Hills

On Martha’s Vineyard, the path to tranquility runs through Menemsha Hills.

There’s a quiet place on Martha’s Vineyard. Away from the crowded beaches, away from day-trippers clutching guidebooks on Circuit Avenue. It’s a place to find the peace and quiet that everyone who comes to visit and live on an island seeks. Thousands come to this place each year, yet it…

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The Shape of Things to Come

After learning to shape surfboards in the Hawaiian motherland, Cape Cod native Shawn Vecchione brought his world-class skills back home.

Shaping a surfboard is a filthy, nocturnal, meditative undertaking. And it’s one that Shawn Vecchione has repeated more than 6,000 times.

Inside a 14-by-eight-foot room that’s part wood shop, part garage, Vecchione—clad in a T-shirt and board shorts, with bronze skin and…

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The Right Idea

Research by the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies has refined our understanding of the North Atlantic right whale, one of the rarest animals in the world and a regular visitor to Cape Cod Bay.

The hours pass, the sky slides from sunny to grey, and the boat rocks as southwest winds whip across Cape Cod Bay. It’s late February, and Dr.…

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