Growing Gourmets

Growing Gourmets

Many of us wish we could develop a new skill—such as learning to cook like a veritable gourmet chef. And we’re in luck: The Regatta of Cotuit offers just such a cooking class series taught by its chef-owner Weldon Fizell.

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He Was the Cape’s Most Eligible Bachelor

Most people go about their days without being approached by perfect strangers who ask them probing questions about their personal lives. But for Chris Lambton of Dennis, the runner-up on last year’s season of ABC’s hit reality dating show The Bachelorette, this kind of occurrence has become normal. Whether out at a restaurant with family and friends or in his front yard on Cape Cod, people walk right up to this reality star and start engaging him in conversation. “You’re Chris L.!” they exclaim as they rush toward him. “Are you heartbroken? Are you okay? Have you found love?” they ask, as though speaking to a close friend. While Chris didn’t win the show or the heart of Ali Fedotowsky, viewers fell hard for this handsome, down-to-earth Cape Codder.

After his stint in the TV world, Lambton is doing well. He embraces the good life with his friends and family back on the Cape, having famously turned down an offer from ABC to be the next star of the show The Bachelor, opting instead to return home. Lambton now believes in finding real love off-camera (which he did, but more on that later). “There’s a reason why [reality TV relationships] don’t really work out that much, because you’re in these perfect situations,” he says. “How can you not fall in love with somebody when you’re walking a beach at sunset on a tropical island, holding hands and sipping piña coladas? It’s not like, ‘Hey, did you pay the electric bill this month?’—‘No, did you?’ It’s just not real.” Stacey Hedman

Lambton was born at Cape Cod Hospital and grew up in Dennis, attending the Ezra H. Baker Elementary School, Wixon Middle School, and Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School. He went on to study chemistry and math at Providence College. Read more…

A Long and Healthy Life

One of the great benefits of living on or visiting Cape Cod is the excellent medical care available here. Cape Cod Hospital, located in Hyannis, has one of the busiest Emergency Centers in Massachusetts year-round and is the busiest hospital in the state during summer months. This not-for-profit medical center sees over 85,000 patients annually with more than 1,700 employees and 300 physicians on staff.

Cape Cod Life Cape Cod Life

Charles Lincoln Ayling, a successful and philanthropic businessman from nearby Centerville, founded and served as the first president of the hospital. Van Northcross, regional marketing director of Cape Cod Hospital, explains what motivated Ayling to found the institution.

“There was a famous winter storm in 1919 off the coast of Harwich that resulted in some badly injured sailors who were put on a train to go to the nearest medical facility, which was in Boston,” says Northcross. “Ayling got on the train in Hyannis to make a business trip to Boston, saw these sailors, and decided right then and there it was time the Cape had its own hospital.” Read more…

Handcrafted Luxury

Anthony DiSpezio

Steps away from Provincetown’s Lobster Pot Restaurant, a simple sign comprised of the words “THE WORKSHOP” and a large wooden sandal draws curious visitors away from the commotion of Commercial Street down a quaint alley.

A set of wooden stairs at the alley’s end leads up past a wall covered with morning glory vines to a beautiful view of the ocean and an unassuming workshop with the Rolling Stones playing softly from a back room.

“I’m in what’s known as a destination location,” says Victor Powell, who has been working in this space since 1999. “Once you come past the bikers and the funk in the alley, you reach this oasis up here.”

Victor Powell has been designing and creating high quality leather goods since 1967, and legions of notable buyers from around the world have traveled to The Workshop to have pairs of his famous leather sandals fitted, fashioned, and signed as unique, wearable art pieces.

In 2006, fashion designer Michael Kors commissioned Powell to make all of the footwear for his spring menswear 2006 Collection, which was exhibited at a runway show during New York City’s Fashion Week. Three months later, Vanity Fair pictured Nicole Kidman wearing a pair of Powell’s sandals. Even Cardinal O’Malley of Boston purchased a pair of his sandals a few years ago. Read more…