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Warm memories, quality goods & community spirit

These beloved country stores offer gifts and goodies, and make for friendly gathering spots

Scouting a variety of country and general stores on the Cape and Islands made me happier than a kid in a candy shop. Not only did research entail filling a penny candy basket with childhood favorites, I also met the hardest working business owners I have ever known,…

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Eden by the Sea

Rachel “Bunny” Mellon and her husband, Paul, could have chosen any exquisite corner of the globe as the summer holiday retreat for their growing family. They were the original post-war power couple: she, the daughter of the founder of what would become the Warner-Lambert pharmaceutical company; he, the only son of billionaire financier, Andrew Mellon. An invitation to their 4,000-acre horse…

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The Last Stand of the Stagecoach

The next time you are stuck in midsummer traffic, crawling your way across the Bourne Bridge and cursing all motorized vehicles, turn up your air conditioning and consider traveling around Cape Cod in a time before modern conveniences.
Relics of the horse-drawn era are embedded in Cape Cod’s history.

From the mid-1700s to the mid-1800s, the sole alternative to walking, horseback riding,…

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Up and Away

A Cape Codder climbs into a biplane’s cockpit and rediscovers her home from a fresh vantage point.
I climb cautiously onto the vintage fabric wing, having been warned by my tan, weathered pilot Chris “Sid” Siderwicz, to step lightly. Futilely trying to appear calm, cool, and collected as Sid gives me a hand, I straddle the cockpit door and slide awkwardly…

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A High Flying Christmas

The light went out long ago at Seamond Ponsart Roberts’ lighthouse home on Cuttyhunk Island, but memories of her childhood Christmases still sparkle. Like other children of lighthouse keepers sprinkled around remote Cape and Island outposts in the 1940s, she grew up without running water, electricity, or neighbors. She describes the keeper’s house at the west end of the island…

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