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Buzzards Bay Information Center gets a facelift by local Cape artisans

Visitors to Cape Cod are greeted by artisans’ interpretations of the region’s unique surroundings.

Summers on Cape Cod are for making memories. Travelers come from all over the world to wiggle their toes in the sand next to slowly rolling waves, explore the Cape’s many historical landmarks, or reel in a big striper along the Cape Cod Canal. But for tourists…

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Traditional stories, fresh perspectives: Presenting Cape Cod LIFE’s 2017 student art contest

The goal of Cape Cod LIFE’s annual high school art contest is to inspire students’ interest in local history as we ask them to illustrate six articles covering historical topics from around the Cape and Islands. The articles—and some of the students’ entries—are featured in the Annual Guide issue you are currently holding.
What we have learned in the three years…

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An Audience with the Emperor

Recalling Hirohito’s 1975 visit to Woods Hole

What would compel the Emperor of Japan, visiting the United States to shore up post-war relations between the two countries, to include a side trip to Woods Hole? Pretty much the same thing that brings visitors from all over the world to Woods Hole: science.
During a two-week trip to the U.S. in 1975 with…

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We are always learning

Cape organizations offer a diverse palette of enrichment courses for students of all ages.

September has arrived, bringing with it cooler air, quieter streets, and a return to routine. For many, this particular month signals a fresh start, a sentiment that may harken back to younger years when Labor Day marked the end of summer and the beginning of a new school…

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Six decades in the making

Highfield Hall & Gardens exhibits “Kanreki: A 60 Year Journey,” a colorful collection of Japanese prints
An exhibition of world-class contemporary Japanese prints may seem like an odd fit for the local art scene, and conversely, a cultural center on Cape Cod might seem an unusual venue for a Japanese print exhibition. But Cape Cod has two parallel artistic traditions: the homegrown and…

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A circus for the 21st century

In addition to a loaded concert lineup, Truro’s Payomet Performing Arts Center offers a circus camp for kids

Under the starry summer skies of North Truro, when the lights wink out after a well-attended concert at the Payomet Performing Arts Center, most attendees don’t realize that they’ve invested in far more than a breezy evening of memories.
Whether fans this year enjoy…

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More space to smile

With its expansion complete, the Cahoon Museum of American Art unveils new ‘Martha & Ralph’ exhibit

The Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning quarterback debate was decided—decisively—when cornerback Malcolm Butler’s interception secured the New England Patriots’ fourth Super Bowl championship in February of 2015. But other debates will ring eternal: Hot dogs or hamburgers? Coke or Pepsi? Coffee or tea? Dogs or cats?…

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Artist Profile: Barbara Stone

“The trick,” says Barbara Stone, “is to capture the light.” A pastel artist from East Sandwich and a founding member of the Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod, Stone discovered her love for the colorful medium after years of experimenting and working with other kinds of paint.

Growing up in rural North Andover, Stone shared her family’s appreciation of the seasons…

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Artist Profile: Cleber Stecei

From the history and architecture of Cape Cod to the lyrics of his favorite songs, artist Cleber Stecei finds inspiration in the things that delight his eyes and ears. A native of Maringa, Brazil, Stecei grew up surrounded by bright colors and modern construction. When he first moved to the Cape at the age of 19, he didn’t know quite…

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