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Making Connections

Cape Cod artist Denise Kelly enjoys the interaction of light and landscape—and more
Stepping into Denise Kelly’s home is like walking into a museum: interesting artifacts, including an ornate telescope, are displayed in abundance; large glass windows let in the afternoon’s fading light; and many of the artist’s framed paintings adorn the walls.
Upon viewing any number of Kelly’s paintings, one quickly…

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More space to smile

With its expansion complete, the Cahoon Museum of American Art unveils new ‘Martha & Ralph’ exhibit

The Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning quarterback debate was decided—decisively—when cornerback Malcolm Butler’s interception secured the New England Patriots’ fourth Super Bowl championship in February of 2015. But other debates will ring eternal: Hot dogs or hamburgers? Coke or Pepsi? Coffee or tea? Dogs or cats?…

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Artist Profile: Barbara Stone

“The trick,” says Barbara Stone, “is to capture the light.” A pastel artist from East Sandwich and a founding member of the Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod, Stone discovered her love for the colorful medium after years of experimenting and working with other kinds of paint.

Growing up in rural North Andover, Stone shared her family’s appreciation of the seasons…

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Artist Profile: Cleber Stecei

From the history and architecture of Cape Cod to the lyrics of his favorite songs, artist Cleber Stecei finds inspiration in the things that delight his eyes and ears. A native of Maringa, Brazil, Stecei grew up surrounded by bright colors and modern construction. When he first moved to the Cape at the age of 19, he didn’t know quite…

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Artist Profile: Catherine Skowron

For a large portion of Catherine Skowron’s career, her job was to inspire and cultivate the creativity of young people. Armed with a master’s degree in education from Goddard College, she taught at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Provincetown until her retirement in 1999. Skowron also taught in the children’s art program at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM).


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Artist Profile: Mindy & Ronni Reasonover

The studio of Mindy and Ronni Reasonover in the 1864 Captain John Tobey House on Route 28 in East Falmouth is part fine art, part fantasy, and all color. Enormous, brightly painted wooden dragonflies float from the ceiling overhead, while vibrant oversized lobsters perch beside funky renditions of Cape Cod scenes and mermaids chatting over cocktails.

“We think outside the box,”…

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Artist Profile: Jan Collins Selman

Jan Collins Selman never considered any life other than that of an artist. When she opened her first box of crayons at the age of 7, she fell in love with the unique smell and rainbow colors. “[Painting] is what I’ve always done,” Selman says. “I’d never wondered what I’d do, where I’d be, who I’d be. I never gave…

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Artist Profile: Karen Rinaldo

Vibrant red cranberries floating in a Cataumet bog, a majestic sailboat slicing the unruly waters of Nantucket Sound, a winding river encompassed by a snowy marsh—these are just a few of the stunning vistas in the work of Falmouth artist Karen Rinaldo.

As a child growing up in Worcester, Rinaldo was captivated by color and design and knew at an early…

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Artist Profile: Cynthia Packard

On her easel, Cynthia Packard turns a huge wooden panel on its side, then upside down. She might just flip it again, gaining a different perspective with each turn as she slaps on generous quantities of oil paint mixed with wax and swipes it across the surface with a trowel. Then she turns the panel again and applies another color—right…

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Artist Profile: Justin Wood

It’s turning out to be a year of “firsts” for New York City-based artist Justin Wood. “I am excited about my first solo show, at Collins Galleries in Orleans,” he says. “I am also happy to say that my wife, Dana, and I had our first child, Ben, on April 26.”

Wood, 33, is a figurative and still life painter who…

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