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These two shops on Route 6A have a special connection

Simply Vintage

The two women, and their stores, have more in common than not. Both have invested their heart, soul, blood, sweat and probably a few tears, not to mention precious funds, into local businesses that might not turn the head of loan officers focused on business plans and rates of return. For these two entrepreneurs, the concept of return on investment has everything to do with a steadily growing audience of savvy clients, casual shoppers and loyal followers.

Simply Vintage of Cape Cod, like its name, sits simply along vintage Route 6A in Yarmouth Port. Dupuy has owned the space for over a year now, but has been in the antique business since she moved back to the Cape about eight years ago. Seaside Design’s Cahill has been in the refurbished antique business for over 6 years. Together these two women have built a friendship that is as timeless as the antiques they sell, and as their relationship flourishes so too do their businesses, which benefit from their deliberate efforts of cooperation. In this age of unique brand identities and strategies to increase market share, these two business owners, recognizing that they have exactly the same target demographic and probably the same client list, have made a decision to collaborate instead of compete.

“I met Bridget standing in line at a monthly antique and vintage sale called Vintage Thymes, in Norwood,” Dupuy says of Cahill. The two antique-savvy women had mutual friends that introduced them at the event about 5 years ago. Since then they’ve kept in touch and always try to help boost each other’s businesses. “She sends people my way; I send people her way,” Cahill says of their harmonious relationship. 

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