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A Family Embrace

Marstons Mills waterfront home by Doreve Nicholaeff and Delphi Construction

Upon approaching the home, its magnificence immediately envelops you. With its two wings reaching out, it’s as if the home is opening its arms, offering a warm embrace.

One of the most surprising and interesting elements of this entire project was their choice of contractor. Delphi Construction of Waltham and Mashpee has built their business delivering high-quality commercial construction over the years. Recently, they have leveraged the principles they have perfected and applied their delivery standards to the high-end residential market. Corey Heaslip, project executive for this project, explains: “This project was under our Delphi Special Projects division, a fairly new endeavor. Within that group our approach is that we can bring the efficiency that exists on the commercial side—things like mature systems, complex schedule and budget management—and combine that with the custom, high-end craftsmanship you would find in a fine home. A very important additional benefit is that the efficient management we bring to a project should result in a shorter production timeline, which is always of interest to a client.”

Since the homeowners live in Florida during the school year, they utilized an Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) to be on-site, make decisions, follow-up and advise for them in their absence. Overall, everyone agrees that the inclusion of this additional party made the entire project that much easier. “For me, it was great,” Nicholaeff explains. “When issues arise on the site, it is too easy to identify someone who is not there with the blame and responsibility. This way the OPM would be invested in a commitment to work things through to a quick resolution.” Heaslip notes: “There were remarkably few issues on this project as a whole, which is quite surprising given the size of the project, but when we did need decisions or a consultation, the homeowners were able to provide input and resolution immediately through their OPM. It ultimately saved time and money for everyone involved.”

One thing all parties agree upon is that, overall, the experience throughout the entire project was very pleasant, stress-free and gratifying. When asked how the project came to her, Nicholaeff responds, “By magic,” meaning that things came together quite unexpectedly, and she never anticipated the extraordinary experience it would become. Also noting her team at her Osterville office as being invaluable, she says, “There are all sorts of projects and all sorts of partners on projects, but this project was great from the first moment to the last, mostly because of the individuals involved.” Heaslip concurs: “We feel very invested in the projects we do, and we approach every project as a partner with the architect and value the creative vision they bring. It is all to ultimately create a home that the client will cherish for generations.”

From the moment this special family loads the kids in the car and heads down to the Cape, to the first glimpse of the home as they pull in the driveway, to the extended handshake and hugs guests receive as they are greeted at the front door, the home is poised to welcome family friends—new and old—and wrap everyone up in a warm embrace.

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