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Carol Flax creates incredible works of art in an unusual medium…

Flax moved from her last job in Ohio to Cape Cod in 2013 to be closer to friends and family. Her excitement for her new home only grew when she discovered just how much artistic inspiration surrounded her—like Gray’s Beach and Lewis Bay. “I couldn’t wait to get started,” she says of pursuing her artwork on the Cape. In addition to her solo exhibitions, Flax and fellow fiber artists/friends Christine Anderson, Lisa Horton and Toni Newhall are part of a group they call Fiber Fusion, holding their first show last July at Woodruff’s Art Center in Mashpee Commons.

“We all kind of deconstruct things and reconstruct them into something new,” Flax says. She goes on to explain why she particularly likes using recycled magazines. “There are lots of paper artists, and people do things like this with paper that they’ve made or painted or that they’ve purchased. But I love the colors in magazines—I think the colors and textures are really beautiful,” she says. “And when I see a magazine lying in the recycling center or the dump, I think of the people who spent so much time and energy and their own creativity working on this, and I feel sad that it’s getting thrown out. So I think it’s cool and creative to upcycle it into something new and beautiful. It kind of honors the work of the photographers and the designers, and even the writers too.”

For Flax, the last five years have been some of the most fulfilling of her life. Her desire to pursue the creative life she always yearned for is finally happening—one piece of paper at a time. “I just want to see where the paper takes me and how far it will go.”

Carol Flax is represented by Creative Hands Gallery, The Gallery on Main, and The Rice Gallery at Woodruff’s Art Center. To learn more, visit

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