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Eat, Drink and be Merry!

Cape Cod Winery

“We bring that Cape Cod feeling.”

Cape Cod Winery is a small family run business owned by Pete and Erika Orlandella, who purchased the winery in 2013. “We always loved the Cape Cod area,” shares Erika. While looking to relocate from the Boston region to Cape Cod, their son Joe, who was twelve at the time, stumbled upon the winery listing. “We thought, ‘Why not?’” The couple decided to give it a shot and met with the previous owners who had run the winery since the mid 90s. It took them about two years, but the Orlandellas decided to jump “feet first” into the industry.  “We really had no experience,” remarks Erika. “The previous owners helped us and coached us along. We’re forever grateful for them because they truly changed our lives.” 

The couple relocated the winery to its forever home on Oxbow Road in Falmouth in 2014; the land it sits on was previously one of the very first strawberry farms in the area during the 1900s, “The land needed a lot of TLC,” explains Erika. It took the couple two years to get the property ready, and in 2016 they reopened Cape Cod Winery. 

Photos by Hannah Van Buren

With now nine different varieties of wine, there is something for everyone to love. Their iconic and most popular Rosé Mermaid Water is a dry rosé filled with fresh strawberry and raspberry aromas, “Our Rosé Mermaid Water has sort of become our flagship, and branding with our mermaid has really helped put us on the map,” the Orlandellas share. “We have more and more people coming in to try that wine, and this year we just launched a sparkling rosé called Mermaid Bubbly.”

To pair with your wine selections, you can purchase multiple charcuterie items,  “We also have a really great local lobster dip,” shares Erika. “A local chef makes it exclusively for Cape Cod Winery.” They also partner with a variety of food trucks that visit the winery each day. Most important of all–you even get to keep your Cape Cod Winery wine glass! Throughout the year the winery is host to many fun and casual events from yoga classes to live music. You can also book private events like wedding rehearsal dinners and bridal showers. 

Primarily outdoors, overlooking the vineyard you will find an abundance of Adirondack chairs and tables in the sun; they also offer a shady spot under the large post and beam tent placed over white crushed seashells. “For me, it is really about creating a space that people can come to relax and be happy,” says Erika.  Pete adds, “The winery, to me, is having drinks with friends and family–that’s what it is all about.” They share, “We really make an effort to create an atmosphere that will take your worries away–a tranquil space. At the end of the day, it is about enjoying a glass of wine, having a laugh and being around the people you love.”

Cape Cod Winery is located at 4 Oxbow Road in East

Hog Island Beer Company

Hog Island Beer Company, also known as The Outermost Brewery on Cape Cod, is a hopping (pun intended) outpost in Orleans at the rear of the Old Jailhouse Tavern. Named after an island in Little Pleasant Bay that, according to legend, may still have treasure once buried by Captain Kidd, the brewery offers up several varieties of beer that run the gamut as far as tastes and styles. Owner Mike McNamara, self-proclaimed Hoptomologist, founded the brewery six years ago after a successful career in the beverage business that included representing several products across the spectrum of beer, wine and liquor. Originally a Connecticut native, McNamara spent many summers in Wellfleet and served as a lifeguard for several summers in his early twenties. 

“In the Abundance of water
The fool is Thirsty.” ~ Bob Marley

Along with partners Mac Gallant and Dave McCleary, the hard-working entrepreneurs fill their days with a myriad of responsibilities throughout the bustling operation. A busy taproom and outdoor beer garden take care of the restaurant arm of the business. Retail sales and local distribution fill up another side of the house, and brewing and canning seem to be activities that occur pretty much around the clock. McNamara says a love for beer, a deep understanding of the industry, combined with the quality of life he and his wife can take advantage of as they raise their young family, made the choice to open a brewery on the cape an easy one.

McCleary’s grandmother opened the original Jailhouse Tavern and the restaurant’s facilities lent itself perfectly to the expansion Hog Island has seen. “I was literally sitting on the stone wall outside the restaurant one day,” McNamara recalls, “and we had been looking for a space to brew, and suddenly I thought, well, maybe this could lend itself to a campus environment that would work.” That vision is the reality today.

The restaurant currently serves food on their outside patio, which is adjacent to the beer garden that is kid and pet friendly, so visitors to the brewery are able to satisfy everyone’s needs and take a moment to enjoy the thoughtfully crafted beers that Hog Island is beginning to get a reputation for.

Located at 28 West Road in

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