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Generations of experience and understanding clients’ vision leads to successful outcomes.

Building on Cape Cod, with its vast history and coastal landscape, comes with its own unique challenges. Being a successful home builder means facing those obstacles with ingenuity. With supply and labor shortages plaguing the region, the usual home building hurdles have only been heightened in recent years, but backed by almost 40 years of experience, M. Duffany Builders consistently rises to the task.

“It takes a lot more effort to have a job be successful nowadays,” explains Tim Duffany. “We’re all about the team approach. We are so fortunate to have so many different perspectives, and we focus on talking through issues, being proactive about challenges, and expanding our network when it comes to both suppliers and labor.” 

Planning is more critical than ever in the face of shortages and long lead times–Duffany even took the step to buy white cedar shingles in bulk last year, knowing the popularity of the material. Home building today is about being proactive on selecting materials, appliances, and finishes–things that homeowners might not normally decide on until later in the process. “For us, that means being communicative with the clients and anticipating their needs,” adds Duffany. 

Despite labor shortages across the region, M. Duffany Builders was able to add 17 new employees this year: a testament to an exceptional company culture. “Hiring more people has enabled us to pay really close attention to client needs and be responsive. We’re able to take a step back and talk clients through decisions as well as help them understand things going on in the market and how that impacts them,” says Duffany. “We’re a relationship-based business. Working on a project is not just a transaction for us; we want to build customers for life.”

When it comes to turning design challenges into successes, M. Duffany Builders’ priority remains the customer. “As a company, we overcome challenges everyday by putting the customer first and doing what we think is right,” says Duffany. “There are always unforeseen challenges in construction; at the end of the day it’s about how you face those obstacles, and we truly want to do what’s right by
our customers.” 

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