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Have you been to these local garden centers?

Crocker Nurseries

For almost 45 years, Crocker Nurseries on Route 137 in Brewster has been keeping the Cape in bloom. Their commitment to providing the highest quality product and service to help ensure gardeners’ success has been their driving force since the beginning. Their individualized, educational approach pairs the right plants with the right spot in your own environment.

Known for their extensive selection of nursery stock, consisting of shrubs, trees, evergreens and roses, Crocker sources varieties with a proven track record of success in the unique Cape Cod growing habitat. Keeping this stock vital and healthy is at the forefront of Crocker’s product presentation for their customers. Specimen are cared for to ensure minimal stress, all so that by the time they are planted in their forever home they are ready to thrive.

That care and attention also extends to their stock of annuals and perennials. Since they grow the bulk of their perennials, their efforts begin in the fall with their order of cuttings from the previous year’s star performers. Then a winter spent in a warm and humid greenhouse ultimately reveals an ideal specimen for your beds, planters or other destination. Annual planting starts early spring, and careful attention is paid to the best type of container for each plant, whether it is a pot or a hanging basket. 

Founder and owner David Crocker says: “Our tagline is ‘Where quality is your best buy,’ but that actually comes from the quality, care and service that we strive to deliver. There is plenty of competition these days, but I’m proud to say we are seeing second and third generations of our loyal customers.”

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