Martha’s Vineyard memories are woven into these stylish—and so cozy—blankets created by two entrepreneurial mothers.


Everyone remembers their favorite childhood blanket. It protected you from whatever it was that lived under your bed, kept you warm on the couch when you were “too sick” to go to school, and, if it survived those formative years, reminded you of home during your first restless nights in a freshman dorm. It was the blanket that stuck with you through life.

Monica Shelton Reusch and Beth Haller LaSala had these types of memories in mind when they founded ChappyWrap in 2005. The two had been friends when their sons were in school together in Weston, a suburb of Boston. When the time came for their boys to leave for boarding school, the two moms wanted to reenter the working world and thought about going into business together.

While brainstorming ideas, LaSala brought out Lamby, her childhood blanket, which brought her memories of love, friendship, warmth, and coziness. Reusch, who had years of experience in retail apparel, knew she could apply her expertise in the field, and the two began developing the concept of a special blanket for everyone. “Adults, young kids, men, women—we want these to be your everyday blankets for life,” says Reusch, seconded by LaSala.


When it came time to naming the company, Reusch and LaSala wanted a name that conjured thoughts of being snug, comfortable, and relaxed. Reusch and her husband, an avid fisherman, bought a house on Chappaquiddick in the mid-1990s and spend every summer there with their family. The casual and fun island way of life they found on the Vineyard informed Reusch and LaSala’s eventual choice of a business.

“It’s part of that whole Vineyard lifestyle,” says Reusch. “Whether you’re all hanging out around the fire pit, or out on the boat, ChappyWraps are about being together with your friends and family. They just make you feel good and give you a relaxed feel.”