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Out to Sea

Sea Tow Cape and Islands provides crucial support to mariners in distress.

Sea Tow Cape and Islands provides crucial support to mariners in distress

The sea has no memory. Mariners from time immemorial have taken their chances when venturing upon her broad apron. As the old saying goes, the sea floor is lined with the bones of optimists. What could go wrong?

What hasn’t? Engine failure, a broken rudder, a parted steering cable, sailboats de-masted, hitting rocks, leaky sea cocks, drunk crew members, collisions, fires—you name it, it will and has happened here in Cape and Island waters.

Into this breach steps Sea Tow Cape and Islands. From a waterfront location in Cataumet, the company—a franchise of the national Sea Tow service that is owned by Captain Curt Jessup—can launch speedy, well-equipped craft to assist mariners in need; it’s kind of like a sea-going AAA club. Sea Tow has three locations based out of yacht yards, five boats, and five licensed captains at the ready around the clock to assist mariners on the Cape and Islands. Between their boats—the Red Brook, Nobska, Dartmouth, and Falmouth—and their licensed captains, who in addition to Jessup include Chris Godino, Caleb Hess, Tom Saunders, and Greg Manchester, Sea Tow is the best-equipped and best-manned operation of its kind in the Cape Cod and Islands area.

Like all first responders, Sea Tow is always on call and readiness is paramount. “Every day is different,” says Jessup, fresh back from a call. “There’s no textbook on how to do this.”

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