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Warm memories, quality goods & community spirit

A Sweet Spot for Antiques & Treats

Uncle Bill’s Country Store

Warm memories, quality goods & community spirit, November/December Cape Cod Life |

Sweet greetings and treats await visitors to Uncle Bill’s Country Store annexed to the Silver Lounge Restaurant in North Falmouth. While regular diners know the country store as a place to browse before or after a meal, generations of local children know it as a favorite destination for spearmint leaves, gumdrops, Tootsie Rolls, fireballs, and peppermint patties doled out by kind cashiers.

Richard Haupt, who owns both the store and the restaurant, points to the mountain of cartons behind the front candy counter and marvels that it will be gone by the end of a summer’s day. Parents often call the store to order 20 bags at a time for birthday parties.

As popular as it is, candy occupies a mere corner of this structure, which began as an antique store run by Haupt’s predecessor and first boss, Bill Weaner, a keen-eyed collector. In both the store and the restaurant, Cape memorabilia—such as a storm warning light from Falmouth’s Nobska Lighthouse downed during a hurricane—share wall and rafter space with vintage items including a Route 66 road sign and an ad for Ted Williams root beer. The store also carries a range of present-day, regional creations from aerial photos of Cape Cod neighborhoods to Pocasset Pretzels frosted with chocolate shells, stripes, and starfish.

Haupt seems to thrive on the challenge of maintaining both a bustling restaurant and a store bursting with merchandise. “It’s fun,” he says. “When you get tired of the restaurant you can come over here [to the country store] or you can unload trucks. If you have repair work to do, you can work on the building. There’s always something to do.”

Sara’s favorite purchases: A painted refrigerator magnet captioned “Cape Cod makes me happier than a seagull with a French fry”; Cranberry Bog Frogs (chocolate-covered cashews and cranberries).

412 North Falmouth Highway, North Falmouth • • 508-564-4355

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