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Winter Wonderland

Casabella Interiors

Details within details, like the Christmas tree ornament nestled in the flocked grapevine wreath and hung on the back of a chair above, are one way in which Casabella creates a unique look for the holidays.

Holbrook confesses that she and her team are actually their own worst enemies because they are continually trying to come up with something that is brand new. “We are always looking for something that no one has ever seen before,” she explains. “In our home design projects, you will never find the same fabric, lamp, artwork or any other major element repeated. We encourage clients to consider neutral backgrounds for upholstery, et cetera so that they have the flexibility to flip a look whenever they want, but other than that, it is always a fresh canvas so that the client’s space becomes uniquely their own.”

Holbrook talks about the wide range of shopping options available under one roof. “We certainly offer full design services with hundreds of fabric and rug samples on-site so clients can choose what they like, but we also see a steady stream of people who come in for gifts, not only during the holiday, but throughout the year.”

It may be the eighth year that Holbrook and her creative elves completely reimagine their little shop in Sandwich, but visitors can rest assured it won’t be anything they have seen before or anywhere else. And best of all, it can help you transform your own home as well.

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