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Six decades in the making

Highfield Hall & Gardens exhibits “Kanreki: A 60 Year Journey,” a colorful collection of Japanese prints
An exhibition of world-class contemporary Japanese prints may seem like an odd fit for the local art scene, and conversely, a cultural center on Cape Cod might seem an unusual venue for a Japanese print exhibition. But Cape Cod has two parallel artistic traditions: the homegrown and…

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Artist Profile: Catherine Skowron

For a large portion of Catherine Skowron’s career, her job was to inspire and cultivate the creativity of young people. Armed with a master’s degree in education from Goddard College, she taught at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Provincetown until her retirement in 1999. Skowron also taught in the children’s art program at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM).


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Artist Profile: Edward Walsh

Like waves relentlessly wearing away the sand, Edward Walsh’s journey to becoming a painter was slow and steady. He first visited Provincetown as a child in 1954, when he and his mother took a day trip to the tip of the Cape, traveling on the old ferry from Boston. “Even as a little kid, I knew this place was different…

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Artist Profile: Tjasa Owen

The experience of viewing Tjasa Owen’s seascapes falls somewhere between paging through an old photo album and drifting off into a sunny summer daydream. As memories and dreams so often are, the tone of Owen’s work is simultaneously rich, evocative, and ambiguous. There is a feeling of something slipping away, or missing, or just slightly out of reach.

Memories, travels, and…

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Artist Profile: Jane Marie Manco

While Jane Marie Manco’s oil paintings span a variety of genres, from seascapes to portraits, it is her still lifes inspired by the Cape’s marine bounty that bring her the most artistic satisfaction.

“The reason I work with fish and oysters is that it is important for me to be intrigued with my subject matter and because I love these objects,”…

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Artist Profile: Salvatore & Romolo Del Deo

In the East End of Provincetown, there is a dirt road that begins with a smattering of mismatched mailboxes stabbing the ground at all angles and looking as if they might tip over in the next big rainstorm. The mailboxes show no sign of the cauldron of creative art making that is bubbling at the road’s other end. The road…

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In Search of Beautiful Things

One of the triumphs of Provincetown is that in the face of ever rising real estate values and a national trend to cede downtown retail spaces to national chains (see Newbury Street in Boston and Harvard Square in Cambridge), the community has stubbornly maintained its independence. The consistent hard work and talent of storeowners like the three presented on the…

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A Job That Really Counts – Bird Count

A first-timer shares her experiences from the annual Cape Cod Christmas Bird Count
While I have grown up with a healthy love of nature, often spending childhood afternoons in the woods, in my backyard, or on the beaches down the street, I somehow never got into the world of birding.We had bird feeders at my house, and sure, I knew the…

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A Breath of Fresh Air

This Cape Cod kitchen’s redesign combines traditional quality with innovative green features

“The only thing that’s missing here is that renovation smell!” This is a common exclamation by friends visiting Kitty and Tom Brown’s newly remodeled kitchen in their home in East Falmouth. Says designer Nicole Goldman of ‘g’ Green Design Center in Mashpee, who worked with the Browns from first…

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