Antiques, Buckles, Asparagus

A Cotuit couple's shop is a celebration of their many passions.

“Being involved in the basics is not a bad thing,” declares Anne Barrett. She would know. Anne and her husband Joe Barrett own Etc., a colorful craft, fresh-grown produce, and antique shop on Route 28 in Cotuit. Read more…

From Land & Sea

Community Supported Agriculture is a win-win solution for Cape Codders in search of fresh fare.

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A Job That Really Counts

A first-timer shares her experiences from the annual Cape Cod Christmas Bird Count.

While I have grown up with a healthy love of nature, often spending childhood afternoons in the woods, in my backyard, or on the beaches down the street, I somehow never got into the world of birding. Read more…

A Breath of Fresh Air

This Cape Cod kitchen's redesign combines traditional quality with innovative green features.

This Cape Cod kitchen’s redesign combines traditional quality with innovative green features. Read more…

Springtime Secrets

Four local naturalists share their favorite places to savor the arrival of spring.

Spring comes slowly to Cape Cod. Still, we know our surroundings are changing, waking up, and bursting with new life and activity.
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Ocean Wed

Cape Cod’s natural beauty and a historic mansion frame a perfect seaside wedding.


Most people who live on Cape Cod year-round already have a certain reverence for the physical beauty just minutes from their door. When it comes to weddings, no fancy trimmings or extraneous bells and whistles are necessary to celebrate the spirit of this place. All you really need to do is show up and let the timeless, intoxicating fusion of ocean and sky work its magic (a little prayer to the weather gods never hurts either). Read more…

Brightening the Day

Amanda Fiedler Wastrom

This may seem like a strange idea—better to visit an interior designer’s shop when the natural light is ample and available, right? But finding what’s behind the pale pink door of Peters’ shop on Main Street in Osterville is all the more dramatic against the gloomy weather. If there is one thing to know about Joan Peters’ style, it is all about sunshine, light, and color. Darkness has no place here and cannot be seen beyond the shop’s brightly embellished windowpanes and pink awnings.

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Ingrained in Cape Cod

Some things beg to be touched: cashmere sweaters, wool blankets, fluffed towels just out of the dryer, glistening new cars, dogs.  If you find yourself in West Barnstable, stop by Pastiche of Cape Cod to experience a small feast for the senses. Owner Irina MacPhee has recently debuted a line of wooden furniture that is hard to pass by without touching. Titled The Cape Cod Collection™ and found exclusively at Pastiche or through designers, these beautifully crafted pieces evoke a sense of history, craftsmanship, and cozy farmhouse kitchens, as your hand trails the contours of each one.

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Out of the Box

The words were written in ballpoint pen on a scrap of printer paper and duct-taped to a tree in front of artist Jennifer Morgan’s new house in East Harwich: “This is a disgrace.”

Not exactly the warm, neighborly welcome Morgan was used to from her lifelong visits to Cape Cod. She could have been upset over it or worse, bitter. But that’s not Morgan’s style.

“I taped the sign to the window of my truck and drove around with it for a while,” Morgan laughs while recounting just one of many challenges she encountered in the process of designing and building her own house.

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