Eden By The Sea

The Dune House was a favorite spot for Bunny and Paul Mellon who enjoyed the understated elegance of the cottage on the dunes.

Rachel “Bunny” Mellon and her husband, Paul, could have chosen any exquisite corner of the globe as the summer holiday retreat for their growing family. Read more…

Nature Bright

Gracefully Arching Pine and Evergreen Boughs...

Gracefully arching pine and evergreen boughs. The sharp scent of sky blue Juniper berries and the glimmer of red holly. Sweetly scented lavender woven into last summer’s hydrangeas bringing back memories of summer days. For holidays with a Cape Cod sparkle, head out to your backyard and snip an aromatic armful of nature’s winter wonders. Our editor, Susan Dewey, provides step-by-step instructions on how to make all of these decorations; Happy Holidays from all of us at Cape Cod LIFE!

The coastal hues of dried hydrangea, fastened to a straw wreath and festooned with Juniper berries and foliage, sprigs of dried Cape lavender, and starfish accents will stay vibrant on your door long after the holidays are over.

Nature Bright

For a glimmering tablescape during the holidays or a winter party, combine the shine of silver or pewter with some unique natural textures. These include dried Allium heads, sprigs of Hinoki cypress (native Cape Cod cedar is also a good choice!), and pine cones of all sizes brightened with two starfish above a vintage lace tablecloth.

Nature Bright Nature Bright

Small whimsical touches can bring the spirit of the holidays to every corner of your house. An antique brass teapot full of American Arborvitae sprigs (add some Cape Cod holly or Juniper berries for more color) comes alive with a tiny feathered bird; old-fashioned blue glass cups add a scented touch to kitchenwindowsills, and bookends can become decorative elements with the simple addition of a few evergreen textures and a bright red bow.

Nature Bright Nature Bright

For a true touch of Cape Cod, decorate a lobster buoy with a fish net, a bright glass netted ball, scallop shells, sprigs of evergreens, and bright holly from Cape Cod bushes. The Cape bursts with holly during the holidays; it is one of many natural gifts we all can treasure during the holiday season.

Nature Bright

Shellfishing 101

Recreational shellfishing is an easy Cape Cod pleasure: even for raw rookies who don’t know a cherrystone from a little neck.

There is something so simple, yet deep-down satisfying about shellfishing. Read more…

Falling for Foliage: Plants that keep autumn gardens alive with color

Long after summer’s flowers have faded away, foliage plants keep fall gardens alive with color and texture.

September and October are glorious months on Cape Cod and the Islands, when the air temperatures cool down, but ocean and bay waters remain warm. Read more…

Out to Sea

Sea Tow Cape and Islands provides crucial support to mariners in distress.

The sea has no memory. Mariners from time immemorial have taken their chances when venturing upon her broad apron. Read more…

Bunny Business

A rabbit species in distress finds a hospitable home on the Mashpee River Reservation.

For a better understanding of what the Trustees of Reservations’s latest project is all about, imagine for a moment, that you’re less than a foot tall. And furry. Read more…

Pond Perspective

How to add pizzazz to your landscape with a fish pond—or a pondless waterfall.

When homeowners think about improving their landscape, they often focus on how to make their lawn look better, or perhaps how to make their home look more appealing with new foundation plantings. Read more…

Hydrangea Days

Pink, green, purple, white, red. Dwarf, tree, shrub, and climbing. Besides the classic blue beauties, there’s a hydrangea out there for every landscape.

Hydrangeas have long been loved as Cape Cod’s quintessential flower, ever since Martha Stewart shared her affection for the flowering shrub with the world in the 1980s. Read more…

Springtime Secrets

Four local naturalists share their favorite places to savor the arrival of spring.

Spring comes slowly to Cape Cod. Still, we know our surroundings are changing, waking up, and bursting with new life and activity.
Read more…

Natural Beauty

Get a healthy springtime glow with cape and islands skincare products.

You’ve seen the names: Sea buckthorn, rosehips, olive oil, quince. Botanical ingredients—flowers, herbs, oils, and other plant-derived essences—are captivating skincare clients with their natural properties, uncomplicated scents, and bottles without long lists of unpronounceable chemicals. Read more…

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