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Cape & Islands Dining Guide 2018

Sesuit Harbor Cafe

Sesuit Harbor Cafe, Dennis


Tried & True and Something New

One of the best things about Cape Cod summers is the way the whole area comes alive with restaurants opening up, sprucing up and gearing up for the summer clientele. From ice cream and fried seafood to cocktails on the deck shared with dear friends and family with whom we spend too little time, we look for any opportunity to get out and enjoy the season.

We’re fortunate around here that the culinary trends impacting cuisine are firmly rooted in locally sourced ingredients. Our proximity to the ocean is one of our most valuable and unique characteristics. But our bounty doesn’t stop at the water’s edge. We are lucky that our soil, climate and the dedication of local farmers also provides high-quality and unique produce from the earth as well.

Locally produced honey, vegetables, salt and fruits are just some of the staples that accentuate the local seafood we enjoy. We also benefit from local purveyors of pork, beef and poultry, making for everything any innovative chef would love to get their hands on!

Our Summer Dining Guide has some of the familiar things we have presented to you in the past, like the Waterview Dining Guide, but we are also highlighting 51 restaurants that if you haven’t tried yet, you really should! The list includes long-loved local favorites and some newcomers on the local dining scene that we think will delight you in what they have to offer. Our new series “Art on the Plate” explores the food and dynamic cocktails some talented chefs and bartenders are creating across the region. Don’t miss our first round of this beautiful series in our 2018 Cape Cod ART issue.

Despite your tastes, your budget and your location, as long as you are somewhere on this sandy peninsula or our island outposts, you should be able to find some local delicacies that sum up summer in a single bite.

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