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This Club Hops!

Cape Cod Girls’ Pint Out club introduces women to craft beers at local restaurants.

Photo by Ashleigh Bennett

A longtime resident of Hyannis who recently moved to Plymouth, Richardson spread the word about the club to local women and restaurants. “As I got this going, Beth Marcus from Cape Cod Beer was 100 percent behind it,” she says, “and Pain D’Avignon, who didn’t know me from a hole in the wall, let Girls’ Pint Out take over the restaurant—closing it to other customers—and we filled it to capacity.”

So far, Cape Cod Girls’ Pint Out has met 11 times, bringing together local women, breweries, and restaurants for an evening of beer and food pairings and a chance for participants to meet and chat with the brewers. The inaugural gathering was hosted by Cape Cod Beer at the BBC in Hyannis; additional events have been held at Harvest Gallery Wine Bar in Dennis and the Orleans Public House. There are no club membership fees, however, attendees pay for their own food and beer.

“Everyone is welcome,” Sarah says. “There’s no requirement to be at every single meeting. This is a great way for us to bond together and enjoy a night out with girls.”

“[They] don’t need to know about beer,” she adds. “This is all about learning what each style is, so when they go somewhere and see an IPA (India Pale Ale) they know it’s a hoppy beer; a stout is a malty beer; and now people who didn’t understand much about craft beer can know what the different styles are.”

One goal Sarah has for the club is to make  each person’s connection to the beer personal. “It’s nice to be able to understand the beer and form a connection with the company [that makes it],” she says. “It really makes a difference.” Representatives from different local breweries have been on hand at some of the gatherings to serve as guest speakers and discuss their products and craft.

During the club’s gathering at the BBC in Sandwich, Heather Sanborn of Rising Tide Brewing Company in Portland, Maine regaled those on hand with stories of spending many a late night watching “Downton Abbey” on Netflix while slapping labels on beer bottles.

“At our dinners you can talk to people who have been right there from day one at the breweries,” Richardson says. “When else will you have the opportunity to meet women who work in breweries and make such a difference?”

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